Todd Haynes’ ‘Far From Heaven’ Being Adapted into a Stage Musical


Far From Heaven, "the 2002 (Todd Haynes) film starring Julianne Moore as a 1950s housewife coping with a closeted gay husband (Dennis Quaid) and her romantic feelings toward a black gardener (Dennis Haysbert)," is being developed into a musical by the composer and lyricist behind Broadway's Grey Gardens, the NYT reports:

"The composer Scott Frankel and the lyricist Michael Korie, who most recently collaborated on the 2009 musical 'Happiness' at Lincoln Center Theater, will be joined on 'Far from Heaven' by the playwright Richard Greenberg (the Tony-winning “Take Me Out”), who will write the book, Playwrights Horizons announced on Friday. There is no deadline for the commission, and the show is unlikely to arrive at the Off Broadway theater before 2012 at the earliest, a spokesman for the theater said…The regional theater partner for 'Far from Heaven,' which will produce it first before the move to Playwrights Horizons, will be announced later, along with a director and a production timetable."


  1. JakeSFExPat says

    This is really great. It could be an opera even.

    Such pathos! Sturm und Drang! Emoting all over the place.

    I liked this movie very much and hope to see it in several different formats.

  2. Bill W says

    The film was very specifically done as an hommage to ’50s movie melodramas by Douglas Sirk. I can’t quite get a handle on what’s stagy about it.

  3. isaacben says

    Scared and self-loathing homosexual and bored white housewife using race tourism to spice up her life. Wow, really interesting stuff.

    I do love Todd Haynes’ _Safe_ and _Poison_ and even this movie was subtly parodic of the very conventions it was simultaneously re-creating (1950s movie melodrama) and re-imagining (“unspeakable” racial and sexual themes). Let’s hope the play doesn’t treat it as straight (and offensive) melodrama.