Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #805


LUCK: Did these people have the best luck in 2010?

HATE GROUP LEADER TONY PERKINS: The Senate has blood on its hands for 'DADT', says the man with bloody hands.

FRC: Tony Perkins' hate group says it plans to file lawsuits to block DADT repeal.

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  1. jakeinlove says

    Tony, it must be nice to have enough money to waste in on a cause like that. I wonder how many homeless you could have fed instead.

  2. Cocoa says

    Okay, fine, I just have to ask because I just don’t get it. Why does the FRC, the FAMILY RESEARCH COUNSIL, even have to do with DADT? It’s a military issue, isn’t it? Civilian life is nothing like military life right? So why do they even care???

    Is there something I just don’t get, or… Is it just THAT simple?

  3. kcj310 says

    Confused. Does the FRC even have the standing to file a federal suit against DADT? Or are they saying they’ll sponsor it on behalf of some random chaplains and born-again service members who it “hurts?”

  4. Brian says

    The “LUCK compilation” features at least two clips that are from commercials shot well before 2010. Not buying it.

  5. Rich says

    Sue to block what? A law that has gone through the entire process, been approved by the required majorities in Congress, and legally signed into law by the President?

    Can’t the bigots just die already? Sheesh!

  6. khan says

    “Tony, your closet is showing.”

    i got the same feeling, as tho ted haggard had slipped into someone else’s skin

  7. princely54 says

    I think their lawsuits will be summed up by: “Hey! I liked that law! Bring it back, please. Thank you.”

    They are just natural assholes and can’t behave any other way — its their nature.

  8. paul says

    good luck FRC…you people are DONE!!
    try and get this blocked…good luck!
    When you have 70% of United States for this repeal…who is going to listen to you?
    NEXT stop REPEAL of DOMA!!
    It is coming folks … Stay tuned.