1. finkles2000 says

    I can’t stand Glee, but I love Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own,” and I like “Teenage Dream” quite a lot. And I love mashups. So this is pretty sweet. But I’m not 100% loving how they’ve lowered Robyn’s voice. Otherwise, a nice mashup.

  2. Dan says

    I really like the idea of mashing up Teenage Dream and Dancing on my Own, but this doesn’t quite work. Too many awkward transitions, and Robyn’s voice sounds weird when it’s lowered.

  3. alguien says

    “fox & friends” it has the name of a saturday morning kids show yet purports to be a news show.

    go figure.

  4. Jerry6 says

    Why do you give Fox publicity? As some one wonse said “I do not care what you say about me as long as you spell my name correctly. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity.”

  5. says

    Check out: Teenage Cream (Robyn vs. Glee the Estrogen Mix) on our site.

    This is the prequel of sorts to our original mashup of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own vs. Darren Criss’ performance of Teenage Dream on Glee.

    The original was set to the root key of Darren Criss’ vocals making Robyn sound rather masculine – hence why the title of the piece was Glee vs. Robyn – If She Were a Boy Mix. We also thought it added an interesting dynamic in the implied love triangle between Kurt, Blaine and Robyn as a boy.

    The new mix injects some Estrogen into fold restoring Robyn’s feminine charms and making the boys sound rather chipper, ja?