1. LAXJFK says

    As she becomes increasingly shrill she simply becomes more irrelevant. It’s not hard to get booked on Fox News, so she’s preaching to the choir. I don’t care what she and others like her say as they expose the uber-right as the bigots they are. As for Ann Coulter, she would never have the courage to fight in a war. Bullies are always the biggest sissies.

  2. DougChgo says

    Who is the guy on the right side of the screen, the man moderating the people around the table? He seemed to be a voice of reason. I’d never seen him (not that I watch Faux Noise).

  3. DougChgo says

    I figured it out (thank you, Mr. Google!) — he’s Andy Levy, RedEye’s “ombudsman” — okay …

  4. Suffern ACE says

    Now that it is done, I guess’ we’ll have to defend it. I’m fairly certain the right is going to hang any future military setbacks on any gay soldier they can find within three thousand miles of the engagement.

  5. Eric says

    She needs to make money for the holidays …so she is out doing what she does best….trying to get the media to pay attention to her. I didn’t even watch the video….ignoring this idiot is the worst thing you could do for her! Next!

  6. says

    The tragedy of this woman is that I don’t get that she really believes what she’s saying. It’s the way she makes her living; the way many of these wing-nuts make their living, from Maggie Gallagher on down. Six and seven figure incomes are difficult to ignore.

    To me, this brazen cynicism is much worse than their actually believing the crap they spout. I can deal with sincerity. But when people do such enormous damage for no other reason than to increase their bank accounts, you have to consider how incredible empty and morally void they are. They’ll lose in the end, just like all the other hate spewing pundits that have come before them. Sad, stupid sons of bitches.

  7. romeo says

    Interesting with the repubs win in the House of Reps, suddenly some moderate repubs have decided to cross the aisle and ignore the extremists. I think the loudmouths have run their course, and demographics are not in their favor. Expect to see a lot more whining as they continue to fail.

    Can’t run that vid as Coulter makes me go blind. BTW, are we absulutely sure that isn’t an adam’s apple?

  8. radiojock says

    I’ve heard Ann Coulter over local radio in LA interviewed by her close friend, gay conservative talk-host John Phillips. This woman has diarrhea of the mouth and loves to hear herself talk. Sycophants like Phillips find her hate speech “entertaining” and have nothing but contempt for the legitimacy of the goals and achievements made by gays in recent years. The less attention paid to such people, that better it is for all of us.

  9. princely54 says

    I feel like even clicking on the video gives her too much attention; I don’t want to add to it’s view count. For me, it’s like Palin – I can’t stand the sound of words passing he lips.

    I agree with many of the above commments – it’s a tiresome act for the converted and on this issue its best to just ignore her.

  10. Tell It Like It Is says

    I think what she is trying to say – although in a not very nice way, is that you have a bunch of people who have no idea about the military experience telling the military what it should do.

    Over the past thirty years or so in this country we have been fed over and over again about diversity above anything else. Diversity is the new religion. The “awesome sanctimony of diversity.” Everything needs to be diverse and everything should include a certain amount of every kind of people and if it is not diverse it is bad.

    But in some situations diversity does not fly. In the army you are expected to wear the same uniform. The armed forces actually go out of their way to break people down and build them back up again. You are to work as a group, you follow orders, discipline and respect for authority come first. The safety of the group comes before the individual. You have to work fast and work together and be on the same page.

    And I think that is what she is trying to say.

    Though we have much more diversity in this country than we used to, less and less people are on the same page. And not just “white tea partiers” against everyone else. There are plenty of Latin immigrants and Muslim immigrants who have their own agendas as well. Every special interest grop has their own priorities that come before anyone else.

    And in the army that does not fly. I am for gays serving in the military. but just know that your identity is now part of group that comes before anything else. And the army is tough and brutal, Always has been, always will.

    Look – I am for fairness but not before common sense. If a woman firefighter can do the job with as much physical strength as a man – fine. Let her do it. but the fact remains women do not have as much upper body strength as men. So I still want a male firefighter to rescue me at the end of the day.

    And I think in the army that kind of thought process does not work.

  11. Derrick says

    Why is speech like this allowed? We wouldn’t allow a commenter to talk about the need to increase the watermelon budget if we continue to allow blacks to serve because that is clearly offensive, yet equally ridiculous stereotypes about gay people are somehow OK? We have a long way to go still…

  12. Zach says

    “And in the army that does not fly. I am for gays serving in the military. but just know that your identity is now part of group that comes before anything else. And the army is tough and brutal, Always has been, always will.”

    What point are you trying to make, exactly?

    Do you think you’ll see an influx of gays joining the military, only to be shocked and want to leave because it doesn’t match their expectations?

    More gays joining isn’t really the practical effect of ending DADT though. The measurable effect will be to change the dynamic for existing gay service members. There is the hope that gay people will now weigh the military in the context of other possible life choices of course, but the primary effect will be to put gay service members on a level playing field. And there’s really no ‘common sense’ argument for not doing so.

  13. Rowan says

    Tell it as it is…..


    Have you just ignored EVERYTHING that Choi et al have said????? Have you been sleeping under a rock when all towleroad did was post snippets from gays STILL serving in the army but who had to hide their identity???


    Gays ARE serving in the military! Gays ARE firefighters.

    Dude do you really think all the people on the blog who read or comment here are all hairdressers? Are you serious?

  14. walter says

    the woman has an adam’s apple. what other equipment is she hiding? her next role should be on ru paul’s drag race. with that hair and face she/he could be a contender.

  15. VinceB says

    I second DERRICK’s comment. We are bearly out of the starting gate if this exemplifies acceptible (televised) speech. She is an angry, self-loathing person who is better suited to ranting from a street corner. No, I don’t believe she is acting.

  16. Tony J says

    Is it time for GOProud to adopt a new name?

    Can anyone come up with an acronym for GOP-ASHAMED? Or, at least, GOP-embarrassed-about-ourselves?

  17. StillMarriedinCalifornia says

    And Ann Coulter and her chums had tons of experience serving in the military so we should def take their advice on how it works. Hypocrisy is her stock in trade.

  18. kodiak says

    Liza Minelli? Ice sculptures in the desert? This shows how out of touch she is on a pretty base level. What is this show-Fox’s attempt
    at a Daily Show format? Hard to take it very seriously. All those Fox hosts-for the most part smug, self-righteous, pandering to the lowest common denominator while getting the highest dollar amount, are, well, I don’t know what the hell they are. Television Capitalists? Oh well, at least the awesome power of the remote is within reach…

  19. Jerry6 says

    In what capacity, Rank, and unit did Ann Coulter serve in the Military? When I was in the Navy the straits were strait and the gays were gay, and nobody cared one way or the other about which one was which. (It was interesting how many Straits let a gay “Service” them, but did not reciprocate. That way let the Strait be strait and the Gay be gay. Everyone was happy and satisfied.)

  20. Ted Baldwin says

    Gutfeld IS NOT ANTI GAY! He is not mocking gays. When Levy says says that women are not allowed in combat – Gutfeld says that is ridiculous – He is not saying it would be ridiculous to allow them to fight. If you watch his show or really listen carefully to what levy says, he pins it – “We do not stereotype gays here.” They don’t.

    Screw Coulter. She is so far on the wrong side of history here it is historical. Obviously Levy, who is in sync with gutfeld, is frustrated with her. And Gutfeld is right, the people pushing the DADT repeal are fighting civil rights issues, they are for the most part not in the military. DADT, remember?

  21. jamal49 says

    Is it me or is Ann Coulter not aging well? She looks more haggard (um, not Ted) than usual, very gaunt. Does she have a secret eating disorder or something? She almost looks cadaverous. Maybe it’s all that poison she keeps locked inside and spews out in drabs on conservative, misinformation programs? Maybe she needs her really cool GOProud friends who love and adore her because she’s like, you know, just soooo outrageous and really bitchy alot, to do an intervention on her? Whatever, she’s looking not so good.

  22. QueerLiberation says

    I would rather be laughed at by irrelevant, horse-faced conservatives who have no power to change the law than to be lied to by Democrats who can change the law, but refuse to.