1. Wes says

    Beautiful imagery, pretty much nothing else to go on though.

    Could be good, could be mediocre. Hard to tell what its about, other than ‘a man’s life’.

  2. says

    Maybe I’m just jaded but all I could do was roll my eyes at this.

    It just seems like a cluster of unearned powerful images smashed together, like that is all it takes to evoke emotion. Another one of those unrealistic, way-too-serious, made-for-the-Oscars dramas that everyone will rave about for months on end….and then forget.

    I could be wrong though.

  3. AnonInSoCal says

    Brad Pitt’s spawn grows up to be… Sean Penn? Sorry all you Jolie-Pitts–you’re hosed.

  4. TANK says

    It’s like tearing up to an inspirational poster. “Every journey starts with a single step”…tracks in the snow on everest…c’mon! Failure: Why Try?

  5. Bobo says

    I’m imagining that the negative comments are from people who are not familiar with the films of Terrence Malick?
    Bad Lands, Days Of Heaven, The Thin Red Line.
    Or maybe it’s jsut those of the MTV generation who think James Cameron makes great films?

  6. AdamN says

    The reason to get excited is because Malick is responsible for what may be the most beautiful film ever made: Days of Heaven.

  7. TANK says

    James Cameron may not make great movies, but he does entertain. That is undeniable: he makes movies people want to see. With the exception of badlands, Terrence Malick’s overrated. The thin red line was a complete snoozefest.

  8. SexierThanReed says

    ‘Days’ is one of my favorite films, but I’m not blown away by this… – have always been afraid he’d make a bomb, and I’d have to suffer the pain of it. of course I’ll go. we’ll see.

  9. says

    Who said anything about Cameron? The negative comments speak about the redundancy of overt sentimental imagery. Contrasting the moment of conception with an eclipse seen from space? Gag me.

  10. Zlick says

    Just my opinion, but Malick directs beautiful-looking, thematically engaging films that can’t maintain any kind of narrative thread or compelling drama. I’m gonna pass.

  11. Bobo says

    AH! The narrative thread…I love a good book. I also love film for the art form it is!!
    Film Theory is also a wonderful read, and very educational!!

  12. TANK says

    hey, bobo…and the toaster oven (see what I’m reduced to with the potty mouth filter?) who posted under TANK to piss me off (goddamnit!)…it’s called an overdose of ambien. I strongly advise the procedure for the both of you and those like you, because you are a total coffee cup, and should go lamb chop yourself. Philistines.

  13. Randy says

    Sorry to rain on the parade, but I’m not impressed. The answers to life are not going to be found in a Malick film. (Nor will anything else but good sleep, if The New World is any indication). I don’t think we even need to wait for the film, to parody it. Not a good sign.

  14. Bobo says

    Tank you’re a lonely smelly old troll who most peole ignore. Your history of hostilty in the comments section stems from the realization that your mommy hated you more then most of the people who post comments here. Due to your mommy issues you are only able to derive pleasure from harrassing people on the internet, and cleaning your own feces from under your fingernails. Most have come to learn that Tank=a lonely, old, angry, ass-picking troglodyte.

  15. TANK says

    ass picking? There was hyphen in that…what does that mean? I pick asses? Choose them or rummage around in them?

    Oh, go back to sleep. The mommy daddy thing is the last act of a desperate fool.

  16. Bobo says

    Tank skip the ambien, and just go back to crying yourself to sleep in your lonely dark cave. Or better yet…the whole supply just might do the trick. Don’t forget to blow out the pilot light, dear, just for good measure!

  17. TANK says

    Who’s the troll, bobo? I’ve been ambushed…and kidnapped…and attacked by ninjacat. Didja have a rough day at whatever pointless job you wish you had? Awwwwwww…

    Let’s hope you’re very attractive, because you’re extremely stupid. For your sake, anyway…which doesn’t really spend with anyone but you, I’d imagine. And what’s with this “dear” nonsense? Don’t tell you’re going for the whole bitter jaded hollow cocktail hour faggot routine…oh mary…er, mercy. That semblance of campy wit you’re passing off for cutting derision belongs in bad stereotype.

    Wait a minute…I’m going overboard…you’re only what…thirteen?

  18. Bobo says

    Oh Tank! I feel the love! Someone is finally giving you the attention you crave.
    It must feel like christmas!
    Nighty, nighty, dear!
    Don’t forget the pilot light! It’s probably the first and last blow job you’ll get to give.

  19. TANK says

    rotflmao…I’m sorry…exclamation points make me laugh..ha….wooohooo….woohooooooooo….alright….rotflmao. I’m really pissing you off, aren’t I? Because you’re insane?

  20. Role Reversal? says

    Brad Pitt’s the daddy and the kid grows up to be Sean Penn? C’mon, you’re kidding! It should be the other way around.

    I hope it’s not because the script was so lame that the casting was reversed so that Pitt and Penn could feel challenged.

    I’ll wait for word of mouth before I run out to see this.

  21. Scot says

    Its hard to believe that Sean Penn is ONLY three years older than Brad Pitt. He looks sooooo much older. Marring Madonna must age a man early OR marring Angelina must keep a guy young!

  22. nic says


    you really enjoy watching your shit before you flush, don’t you? in your pur-blind, demented mind’s eye, you are some sort of hero speaking the truth, righting the wrongs, correcting the foibles of society. in truth, you are none of these. you are a sad soul in need of serious introspection. you seem incapable. perhaps a therapist could help you along.

    you need to stop listening to the voices in your head. and, listening to your neighbor’s dog giving you advice is not a happy medium. get some help, you “under-35-hunk” of desperation.

  23. Bobo says

    Don’t worry Nic, Tank makes no sense, has no wit, and his intelligence is equivalent to a limp dick; it’s there but it’s of no use.