1. Henry Holland says

    Pete, yeah, I can see the resemblance.

    Interesting haircut for him. He’s such a good interview, very quick on his feet.

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode, the last before the holiday break.

  2. mike nyc says

    its crazy, he is starting to look like Ashton.

    Did not see that coming.

    He is so adorable. And such a good help to all those
    put upon kids out there.

    Go Chris go!

  3. adamblast says

    It’s still shocking to see how much taller and more like an adult he now looks every time he appears on a live show.

    The growth spurt is being very kind to him–he’s suddenly well on his way to looking more hot than cute, both in face and overall frame.

    I only hope that the ongoing quick-change is similarly kind to his voice. I’m not too worried, since his musicality and expressiveness will survive at any vocal register, but it’ll be sad to hear his ease in the high range disappear, if that indeed happens.

  4. -DC05- says

    LOVE HIM! He is the epitome of “it gets better”…he is who he is, is proud of who he is and is a genuinly KIND kid (met him on a brief exchange)

    Kids reading this, it does get better because our community has matured and has a sense of appreciation for one another.

    Good luck and much success Chris!

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