1. clint says

    Oh my. However, looks more like a movie to look at than a movie to watch. As an aside, I have a strange feeling that in a hundred years the revival of Norse religion will have an effect on the American religious scene; what that effect will be, I have no idea. This revival will have its own battles, between the Folkish–no one but Germanic descendants have any business worshipping Germanic gods–and the Universalists–anyone can worship who discerns a call thereto. Regardless, the scholarship and serious theology coming out of Heathen circles is much weightier than those coming out of other neopagan, Wiccan, or pagan revival communities.
    Personal disclaimer: not a Heathen.

  2. says


    BS. you have no clue what you are talking about

    The vikings were from scandinavian countries. denmark, sweden, norway, finland and iceland. They did conquer parts of germany just as they conquered parts of scotland, ireland, and england

  3. Drew says

    Once this is out of the theater, is there any disc format I can buy that’s higher than Blu-Ray? I need to see that gorgeous man so clearly that I start talking to him!

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Hate to say it but American movie goers don’t like blond male leads, especially in their super heroes. That’s why they made Captain America a brunette instead of blond. I love the Thor comic books, I just don’t think it’s enough to make a movie that will do well.

    If Captain America does well, it won;t matter how Thor does. However, if Cap tanks and Thor takes a nose-dive, the Avenger Movie is going to be in trouble.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    AND… I’m still pissed that Chris Evans kept his shirt on for “PUSH” because he didn’t want to be a beefcake actor? Guess that went out of the window along with the shitty returns on the PUSH box office. Rotted.

  6. Chris dePalmSprins says

    they photos are great, he is great, Thor was great. BUT! We need stills of the walk down the street in those levis as he talks to the steel fire monster! YES! WE! DO!

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