1. steve talbert says

    He readily admits that he is probably more ‘girly’ acting in real life than the character Blaine he plays in TV. He has said in interviews that sometimes he feels a little stiff on set. He credits basically being raised by the gay community in SF when he was in community theater growing up… being able to express yourself and not worrying how people see you.

  2. Amber says

    His “guest star” thing is cute and all, but really. Deadline said weeks ago he’s close to signing for a regular spot, starting in S3. No Glee guest star has ever blown up this big; I think all that stands between him and a contract is crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

    Anyway, adorable performance as usual.

  3. says

    I have to say this one thing… he is amazing at self promotion. I don’t mean that in a bad way — I just think there’s a lot of really talented people on Glee, but none of them have blown up like this, this quickly. Talent + knowing how to display it in a way that attracts a legit fanbase = longtime success. And I’m sure he’ll deserve it.

    As a bonus, he’s the only Glee ‘star’ who I’ve actually heard on the radio, too.

  4. PAV3 says

    all of the above! he’s great on the keyboards, and perhaps a visit is needed for a few polishing lessons with a vocal coach so he doesn’t “strain” himself on the old standards, Christmas or not.

    …excuse the drool….

  5. Bob says

    In the third video Darren is
    wearing a shirt bearing the
    “mark of the banking beast”,
    Chase. I would think he would
    be the kind of person that would
    be mindful of what kind of messages
    he would be sending when he chooses
    to wear something with a message.
    Chase is part of the 4 horsemen of
    the financial apocalypse:
    Chase, BofAmerica, Citi(bank,group,corp)
    and any Swiss bank of your choice.
    Otherwise, he’s terrific.

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