1. True Words says

    Have a little discretion and keep your private life just that “private”. Yes, I know straight people announce stuff like this all the time however I still do not care about it. It amazes me whether gay or straight making these self-centered announcements.

    She signed an agreement when hired and she stepped into it deep. I would never work at a place that would end my employment due to my orientation.

    Also so she bowed out and signed papers that denied her to speak out about this issue.

    That woman owes Mr. Curb a big hug and I hope she gets herself a job.

  2. Neil says

    I noticed right away that she had stated she had been in the relationship for 8 years, and that her partner was an assistant coach in the mid to late 2000’s. Basically she hired her partner as an assistant coach and kept the personal relationship secret. At the very least this is a bit fishy.

  3. Bastian says

    @True Words: I think she did just that; however, she was about to become a mother. It’s ridiculous to ask a new mother to keep her baby a secret. And if she didn’t keep it a secret, don’t you think people would poke and pry about who the “father” is and why and how she is raising it “alone”? No one would ever ask a straight parent-to-be to keep that all to herself. To suggest it is ridiculous. Besides, having a child is a wonderful thing and if you cannot share that news with the people in your life, something is terribly wrong. Even beyond that, it’s completely impractical if not nearly impossible. Hell, it would be just creepy if you discovered that your coworker was hiding the fact that they had a child and were raising it.

  4. says

    I sure hope the school/church is asking each new employee if they remained celibate until they were married and if they have ever cheated (or even THOUGHT about cheating) before getting hired.

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