1. TANK says

    With the impending death of Prop 8, the Mormonoids are in damage control. These gay activists are being used.

  2. JusticeontheRocks says

    The Mormons are what economists call lagging indicators. The culture war is over. The good guys one. The other side is trying to negotiate the terms of their surrender.

  3. Rob says

    “Warning, warning, Will Robinson, Mormons ahead.”

    I’d be verrrrrry careful in any dealings with this cult group. I don’t think they’re very trustworthy based on past speech and actions.

  4. justme says

    Over and over again, Black proves himself to be a gullible, useless fool. I don’t want the Mormon cult to be my friend any more than I would have wanted the Nazis to be my friend in WWII or the Westboro Baptist Church today. Building alliances doesn’t mean being used by your enemies, a lesson Black somehow still hasn’t learned.

  5. Paul R says

    I wouldn’t attend a Mormon event if you paid me quite a bit. The time I spent a few hours in Salt Lake City was painful enough.

    For those asking where the people of color are—Salt Lake City doesn’t contain any. It is all white. This “church” really is a cult, comparable to Scientology but actively hurting gay people. I would hope these people would know better, but apparently they still want acceptance from people who hate them.

  6. Van van der Voort says

    I also think they are being used.

    Given the Mormon’s predilection for reparative therapy (which we know is junk science, is damaging and does not work), the line in the story which raised a red flag for me was the one which said something to the effect that they would “provide homeless Gay youths with shelter and support.”

    I would hate to think we were turning our Gay kids over to them for that kind of torture.

    I would hope that any “shelter and support” would be managed by a Gay social service agency with licensed professionals and nothing less. No if, ands or buts and no junk science.

    Sorry for sounding so skeptical but, these are the people who brought us Prop 8 after all, and I find it difficult to believe that they have made a 180 degree turn and now want to help us without some ulterior motive.

    In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “walk softly and carry a big stick.”

    Van in San Diego

  7. BobN says

    Support for homeless gay youth from the Mormon church?

    Hell, no! Let them give their money to gay organizations.

  8. Frank says

    After spending some 20 million trying and succeeding to strip our right to marry in CA. … they wish to be huggy-huggy friends…??? BTW…they are still very active with their NOM activities in many states…hello..!!!

  9. says

    I’m not sure I understand how Mr. Black can cheerfully attend this as an act of goodwill having recently railed against the heresy that HRC—an org that needs lots of work, I agree!—dares to inhabit the space used by Harvey Milk in the ’70s. It just seems like his contempt for his flawed friends is out of whack considering his willingness to be palsy-walsy with a group that wants us to cease existing if that is at all possible?

    This TOTALLY reminds me of when those idiotic activists posed with huge grins alongside Buju Banton after having been told by his PR that bygones might soon by bygones. Buju immediately recanted his implied apology (and called them faggots again). Won’t the Mormon Church do the same? We’ll see.

  10. Asher says

    wait a second, didn’t Black narrate 8:The Mormom Proposition, and isn’t he ex-mormon himself? Or do I have that wrong? If so, there must have been some awkward conversations going on that night.

    I’m currently reading Under The Banner of Heaven and Mormonism has some seriously fucked up history.

  11. johnny says

    Simply read a little Mormon history and a bit about their belief systems. Stranger than fiction. I can’t believe there are so many that actually think there’s a shred of credibility to this “church”.

    It’s a cult, plain and simple, only such a large one with so many people in political positions and so much money and power that it can’t be stamped out.