1. finkles2000 says

    Speaking as a resident of Kansas, this phrase is the last thing I want to hear when I tell people I’m from Kansas. And as such, it’s always the first thing I hear.

  2. zzz says

    Someone had way too much time on their hands to do this – perhaps they should devote this “free time” for a social cause or volunteering.

    Sorry to be “debbie downer” but seriously one minute we are upset that no one is getting off their duff to fight for justice and then next we are laughing at a project which has no value whatsoever

  3. William says

    meanwhile ZZZ, the time you spent reponding to this, and prompting me to repond to your post, wasted even more productivity for all humanity. I consider hypocritical behaviour to be a heinous offense, and, therefore, you may be most guity of all. And clearly a Debbie Downer, as well.

  4. Zlick says

    I saw this earlier in the day, loved it, and APPLAUD the person who took the time and care to assemble this. It takes all kinds to make a world. Some try to cure cancer, and others compile a visual collection of the most re-quoted movie line ever to grace the movies. What’s remarkable is that I believe the line is just as re-quoted (if not moreso) in real life (and thus its constant re-reference in life’s reflection, the cinema). Bravo.

  5. ggreen says

    Ahhh Kansas where the people believe opposition to gay marriage and abortion are more important issues than feeding their children or having a job or a home. That’s “Whats the Matter With Kansas”

  6. Mark says

    This is great! Nothing wrong with sharing some fun! We can’t all be saving the world everyday and need to spend more time enjoying simple pleasures.

  7. kansastock says

    Can’t agree more. In fact with Sen. Brownshirt moving in as governor, its NOT going to get better.

    The most appropriate quote about Kansas these days would be ‘we’re not merely fucked, we’re sincerely fucked’… in the bad way.