1. Matt26 says

    One hot guy after another here, and I like it.
    James Marsden is very good looking. I wonder why guys like him smile on camera so little, he has such a lovely smile.

  2. John M says

    This answers a huge question I have had for awhile, why the layout of their house was so weird compared to the exterior, It never occurred to me that they live in a house that had been split into multiple units.

  3. Randy says

    This clip isn’t viewable in my location due to a copyright claim by ABC. I’m not exactly sure how this is supposed to encourage me to support ABC, but it’s having the opposite effect, if anyone cares.

  4. Harrison says

    Upon my second (OK fine… fifth) viewing, this time I salute the hilarity of the not-even-trying-to-hide-the-fact-it’s-a-green-screen shots out into the backyard from inside the house.

  5. TX Papi says

    Modern Family is one of my favorite shows ever! It’s very smart and this is just another scene to prove it. James has always been very gay-friendly, too. He’s a very good actor and, who knew, singer (Corny Collins in “Hairspray”).

  6. lewlew says

    Marsden’s lovely. But I’m SO SICK of the portrayal of these two gay characters. They have become completely offensive. The straight guy who plays the fat one is SO insultingly stereotypical in what he thinks a gay man is like.

  7. Mikeyp says

    @LEWLEW I didn’t know that gay men willing to grab a bat to defend his lover and child was a stereotype. How bizarre that a person so anal about being pc would use the word “fat” so casually. And how can you be “SO SICK” (drama queen) of this two characters if you can not even remember their names? Think before you type LEWLEW.

  8. BB says

    The show is good, but what’s up with all the stereotypes. Am I the only one who was shocked when they were all at the airport, last season, and every couple gave each other a kiss; except the gay couple that gave each other a hug?! Wtf is up with that…

  9. jakeinlove says

    Oh Anon if so happened to me. Keep in mind it was a small condo complex, but the guy didn’t live in it. Apparently he had hopped the fence to get in the hot tub. I was coming home from a night out and at the time my bedroom overlooked the pool/hot tub. Since he was cute and I could see his clothes on the chair, I decided to be a little daring and go down – in a towel.

    I said hi and slyly sneaked in giving him a hint that I might not have trunks on. We chatted a little as he watch the water closely. Eventually he was underwater bobbing up and down – and trust me it wasn’t because of the jets.

    Needless to say we went back up to my place to finish and I even got to give him a parting gift before he left.

    Ah good times!

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