1. Bob says

    There are two really tragic components to this. First, that it got on the news at all is really shocking. Even more so is the practice of reading viewing comments — turning the news into nothing more than a protracted pajama party. Make no mistake, this once great nation is doomed.

  2. B says

    fine, i’ll ruin the fun. It looks like an xray or the negative of a person in football pads and a helmet. People are so stupid. (the voice of andrew dodson can be heard saying that last part)

  3. danska says

    They said it left the sim card? Sim cards don’t hold photos. Only contacts, and on some phone, a few text messages/sms. No sim card in the states is capable of holding a pic. I hope he means sd card. Thats a whole different matter. And all i know is if my campsite was wrecked, i am not sure i can find my black sd card in the middle of the campgrounds. It’s hard enough to find at home when its misplaced.

  4. says

    I am from Louisiana, actually live in Alexandria but I am leaving Sunday to go and build a bridge in Baton Rouge…I saw this on the early today show and it really struck me as unusually odd-I think it’s real and I am bringing my bible to work with me everyday…

  5. ophu says

    I believe that’s an army helmet on its head. Maybe it’s a space alien, one that’s saying “OMG, what is that ugly creature with the orange vest and primitive projectile weapon?!”

  6. B says

    Craig: I believe that “fire” is a shadow that clothes would cast if u were hunched over. And this is not a demon, or such. If they were real, why aren’t there any authentic photos floating around?

  7. Jon says

    This pic is a still from a video that has been on YouTube for years . What a load of rubbish he found the sd card !

    I remember seeing the vid years ago and it does look real when it’s in real time quite scary

  8. Jon says

    I’m sorry but its a complete different video I’ve seen and the thing is exactly the same !

    Go to you tube and type in demon in the woods the video is 1.00 long and it’s two foreign men Searching the woods and the see the same thing please take a look

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