1. jamal49 says

    Funniest comment I’ve read today, Justice! God, thanks for the belly laugh. However, it is usually the people who have had to smoke marijuana to counter the debilitating effects of chemo or other poisonous medical treatments who come around to the idea of legalisation. For once, Pat is correct. I guess miracles do happen.

  2. Darren says


    oh my dear lord n sweet baby Jesus… he truly has lost track of his own tenets… now THIS is comedy.

  3. Jesse says

    Damn, i should know better than to read comments on this website. there’s only one so far and it’s of course immature and unthoughtful like most comments left here.

  4. pdaku says

    I’m confused about my holidays. I thought this was the Xmas season, not April Fool’s. Wait, maybe this is an Xmas miracle. Good on him for that. Now, if he’d just apply similar reasoning to demonizing homosexuality….

  5. ratbastard says

    Good for Robinson. He is rational and cogent. Give credit where credit is due. No need for knee-jerk snarks.

  6. Dave says

    It’s official… Hell has just frozen over. And may I say there is always a place, indeed a need for snarky comments on this site. It you can’t be snarky what’s the point in posting at all?

  7. Phil says

    Some progressives got high just so they could cope with Evangelical-inspired idiocy like DADT and DOMA. Now fundamentalist Christians can smoke up so they can cope with an integrated military and marriage equality. Turnabout is fair play.

  8. walter says

    that’s what pat ‘s problem all these years. he a stoner. better watch pat too many progressive thoughts could get you thrown out of the cbn.

  9. Yeah, I Said It says

    His ratings and income must be slipping. He’s trying out a new line in his act. Attention whore.

  10. Dave says

    Thank you boys.. That’s why we read these comments right? I have to say Justice was first and said it best!

  11. says

    He also routinely blames natural disasters on atheists and homos and Haitians he claimed collectively “swore a pact to the devil” and invited the earthquake.

    Pat Robertson is the archetype of religious conservative psychotic wackjobs everywhere. There must be a reason for this sudden bizarro shift. Did a near relative get busted or something? Or was he just shitfaced drunk on camera?

  12. anon says

    A lot of conservatives are/were for drug legalization, like WF Buckley. I think the current war in Mexico is changing some people’s minds.

  13. says

    Don’t give him too much credit. His network released a statement saying he is being misinterpreted and that he doesn’t want pot legalized at all. It is rare that fundamentalists every get something right and when they do they usually quickly retract it.

  14. kb says

    pretty sure he doesn’t want it legalized, he just doesn’t want people, esp young ones, having their lives ruined because of it. He wants a smaller punishment but he doesn’t want it legal either.