1. topher says

    I cried my eyes out with this movie.
    It’s such an accurate portrayal of the struggle so many of us born into religious families go through.

  2. RONTEX says

    @ Topher, agree with you. I love everything this woman does, she can kick an Alien bitches ass and bring you to tears just as easily.

  3. lewis says

    I luv Siqourney. And if you’ve never seen her in “Jeffrey” you’re missing a priceless comic performance.

  4. ratbastard says

    It must really suck growing up gay in an especially evangelical or pentecostal type family. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools and public, but I experienced NOTHING remotely comparing to some of the horror stories I’ve heard from some folks in especially the southern and Midwest bible-belt. The closest I could compare it from where I grew up were some especially Hispanics [and some Asians, Haitians,etc.,] who could be much more conservative around stuff like gender and gay rights issues, compared to the surrounding dominant culture. And unfortunately, pentecostals are really thriving in these especially recently arrived immigrants.

  5. says

    These bigots drive me crazy….

    It’s the same old agenda as the Republicans:
    Let religion poison the mind !
    Forget rationality, forget reason, forget growth and progress of the human spirit….
    Let’s go back to the primitive words and thinking of the desert nomads , half starved and brutal in their fears and paranoia…..with their pathetic rules on shell fish and woven garments……their oppression of everyone who disagrees….
    And even more let’s be selective in our use of the bigotry of religion…..forget the “love” commands…..concentrate on the abusive texts that pass for a religion ….

    Now the gays are called “disordered” by an ex-Nazi; the Bible thumping bigots like to quote Leviticus but are afraid to talk about how David loved Jonathan with “a love that passeth the love of women”; or how Ruth loved Naomi: “Entreat me not to leave thee….”
    Religion, is the poison of progress …..only the fearful and the spiteful cling to their hedged bets on a better afterlife…….
    Why could she not have said we love you now and here Bobby; would that now have been what religion aspires to ?

  6. S says

    As I’m sitting here visiting my Mormon family over Christmas, this interview is what I needed to get through the day. I remember seeing so much of myself and my family in this movie, it is so well done.

  7. Rovex says

    Im not the sort of gay that likes ‘divas’ and empathizes with 50s film stars, but if i had to chose a female icon it would be Sigourney.

  8. says

    As the parent of a gay son and bi sexual daughter. I cannot understand NOT loving your children exactly the way they are… I do not understand how anyone could push their own child away or withhold love from them because of their sexuality. I hear horror stories everyday, of LGBT&Q kids being bullied, abused, rejected and hurt by the people who are supposed to love and protect them no matter what, their parents and it honestly makes me sick…

    Accept and love your children…because the hurt you are causing them, will never go away and will never heal! I don’t remember who said this, but it is the most truthful statement I have ever heard, “bully your child, bury your child!” Rejecting your own child, is in my opinion the greatest wrong you can commit in this life!

  9. garyghost says

    @Leesa….The world needs more people like you! Your children are lucky to have a mother that understands unconditional love.

  10. stevetalbert says

    I am so thankful that my parents didn’t bring us up with religion. It is just terrible what it does for people with twisted ideas of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and they can’t even agree within the same sects. I look at parents sending their children to churches the same way they probably look at me as being gay and unfit as a parent. Like some parent who takes their kid on the street to beg.. at what point is it child abuse. I always think about that when I try to see both sides… but the fact remains that these people have damaged lives because of all these myths they were told at a young age.