1. David says

    I’m sorry — I don’t see what the big deal is. This was a colossal storm. Things are going to get damaged. The city has to do anything to try to make the streets passable. This is an emergency.

    The guy in the video should have just kept his mouth shut the entire time. I’m sick and tired of hearing people yelling about lawyering up.

  2. Tim says

    I almost had some sympathy until the idiot cameraman started yelling (from his high rise window – so brave!) about bringing a lawyer. I couldn’t be happier to have left the US when I see fools like this. David, you said it all perfectly.

  3. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Probably union “work”ers with a no-fault collective bargaining contract. No doubt they’ll get triple-overtime and a productivity bonus.

  4. Jack says


    So the car owner should just be forced to accept the destruction of his car by some moron tow truck driver? A tow truck driver that did not stop after hitting the car the first time, and instead just kept going without giving a damn instead of mitigating the damage and re-assessing the situation?

    Sorry, but I hope the owner does “lawyer-up.” His property rights were violated, and our court system is DESIGNED to vindicate those rights.

    What I’M sick of is people complaining when people seek to enforce their own rights using the courts. Sure, going sue-happy after an ACCIDENT is one thing, but this was a wanton and flagrant destruction of property caused by either incompetence, apathy, or both.

  5. ratbastard says

    Are you people for real? OF COURSE the owner should lawyer up! That’s what civil courts are for! If your property was damaged under similar circumstances you’d be an idiot not to sue the city in civil court. And I’m not a lawyer or cop but there may be even criminal law broken here.

    Why are some [especially non-Americans] snotty regarding their contempt for the U.S. courts and judicial system? We here in the U.S. are actually lucky we can seek redress financial or otherwise in the courts. Some of you act like the little people should keep their heads down and know their place. Do you think wealthy and powerful individuals would hesitate to sue or seek redress in the courts under similar circumstances? Do you realize major corporations sue at the drop of a hat all the time? If it’s OK for them, it’s OK for the little people.

  6. Paul says

    If the care was in a snow route or otherwise parked illegally, the owner loses my sympathy and, likely, rights to any claim. If not, then of course the city should pay damages.

    I naturally have less sympathy for SUVs, especially in NYC. Many SUV owners have a sense of entitlement when it comes to driving and parking that, aside from their wasteful cars, makes it no surprise that they get keyed and abused. To quote the previous post, they look at others as the “little people.”

  7. yute says

    If he gets fired, then who is going to support his family? The gay santas on 22nd street? Negligent or not, he still needs a job. Why is it his fault that the city lacks the adequate resources to train him? … You get what you pay for. He needs his hours cut by 30% and his salary raised by 20%… I can only imagine how exhausted he must be, getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning while the rich people sleep until noon… It must be nice to hang out in your boxers all day, sipping on cappuccinos while you harass union workers from your penthouse window… If the cameraman cared so much, why didn’t he bother getting dressed and come down to help his fellow man? He’s probably never worked a day in his life… Don’t worry about the car. It wasn’t destroyed. It just needs a new bumper. Insurance will pay for it.

  8. David says

    Ratbastard: AFter having worked in the court system for New York State (Division of Human Rights Courts), our court system is messed up from people lawyering up all the time. I think that people should start to be charged for flagrant abuse of the court system. I have a favorite acronym lately — WJLU? I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination but reading “Would Jesus Lawyer Up?” makes me realize what’s important.

    The guy will get the money for his SUV from the city. He should just go through the proper channels. It’s called an accident for a reason. Do you people really honestly believe that the drivers really wanted to hit the SUV? Come on. No one was injured!

    And folks — thank God this wasn’t Katrina or 9/11. People have to keep things in perspective.

  9. ratbastard says


    Of course the city SHOULD cover the financial costs of the damage a city employee caused. Of course also government bureaucracies are across the board harsh to deal with. And if it came to a lawsuit, of course the city attorneys would settle out of court on the advice of the city insurers.

    The real reason for our clogged court system is judges and prosecutors are lazy. I could start with their banker’s hours and go from there. And there’s zero excuse for people sitting in jail for a year or more before their case being heard and adjudicated.


    That tow driver dude is lucky he appears to have been in a yuppie neighborhood. He’d run the serious risk of a bullet(s) in his chest/head if he did what he did in the ‘Wrong’ neighborhood and Tyrone or Jose where in that window watching their SUV being damaged. Their first line of thought wouldn’t be about contacting a lawyer. Know what I’m saying?

  10. Liselle says

    WHY should the guy filming this keep his mouth shut?? He witnessed an inexcusable act. It was GREAT that he caught it on tape. Will make for evidence when the car owner seeks damages. They’ll be able to show how the snow plow driver just kept ramming the car, as well as hear how they were warned to stop. This is what happens when the budget gets shaved so much,the sanitation department is worth what we’re paying for (maybe less w/the union chokehold…)

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