1. JusticeontheRocks says

    To think that this senile old goat holds the Senate seat once occupied by Barry Goldwater, who said in the 1993: “You don’t need to be straight to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight.”

  2. Gregoire says

    Just remember, 1/3 of gay voters thought he should be president.

    I’m going to punch the next person who incessantly bitches non-stop about Obama. I’m fully aware of his faults. And then I remember this evil, wrinkled douchebag.

  3. AgBoiNV says

    He’s just trying to build a political case with his grand-standing bullshit so that he can justify his bigotry to history.


    It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the United States for there to be a plebiscite on the rights of an unfavored and dis-empowered minority who would suffer at the hands of a tyrannical majority driven by irrational fear and animus. This DOES apply to the US Military as well. The courts are clear on that.

  4. Paul R says

    It’s kind of sad that someone once considered an independent maverick will go down in history as an intransigent ass.

    But only kind of. He just comes off as old and stubborn. Maybe he had better PR people in the past.

  5. james Brown says

    McCain is clearly “squirming” in his seat during this entire series of hearings. He is clearly WRONG and, like most Republicans (if not all) he is unable to admit that he is wrong. Barack Obama on his worst day, is still better than this old “crotchety” bigot!

  6. R says

    As if my “respect” could be any lower for McCain. Rarely do you see a politician light the fire of his own burning plane so gleefully (er, grumpily).

  7. Mary in Iowa (go Army) says

    Leaders in the military can ask their team about thier thoughts on how to take a hill, but there is no asking on whether they should take it if that is the mission.

    Admiral Mullens should have jumped over that table and slapped the stupid out of Mr. McSmirky.

  8. Mark says

    How amazing the Tina Brown led liberal leaning website Daily Beast has his daughter employed as a main blogger, simply to post one Palin column after another, never to stray off topic. Meghan will breathlessly tweet: “Remember what I thought about Sarah Palin last week? Well just you guyz go here and see what I think this week! Watch me on The View next week talking shoes!”

  9. Zlick says

    I think John better hope he doesn’t run into Mullen somewhere away from D.C. someday, ’cause he’s earned a punch in the nose with those baldfaced insults to Admiral Mullen’s military leadership creds. In any other setting, a man like Mullen would have reached across the table to plug a fuctard like McCain right in the kisser.

  10. mark says

    McCain is simply being a pain. Obama, on the other hand, is the true fraud. Obama designed DADT repeal to fail. He’s the architect of its failure. Just look at how he has navigated this repeal notion all the way to the lame duck session of Congress.

    Obama and the Dems are trying to paint themselves as fighting for our rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just watch as they ditch the DADT repeal provisions from the legislation currently before Congress. Obama and the Dems will sell us out.

  11. GaryJ says

    McCain, the Song Bird, which his captors nicked named him, because he sold out his fellow service men by telling information and using his father’s military rank (Admiral of the fleet) during the Vietnam war.

    He couldn’t care for what happens to the service people Gay or str8. He used his position in office to squash the release of his military records for that reason. The guys who were prisoners with him have no use for him.

    He has the stench of sour grapes, because he thought he had the White House. This fool needs to be removed.

  12. Rich says

    History will remember John McCain for two reasons. His homophobic bigotry regarding DADT, and unleashing the Palins and the Palin-bots on the world.

    McCain is simply trying to show that he’s still relevant in a world that long since passed him by.

  13. says

    @agboniv : quite right……didn’t Madison deal with this issue of majorities not having the right to deprive minorities of their civil/fundamental rights ?

  14. Ray says

    McCain’s nothing but a dried up, tired, irrelevant, sour, embittered angry, nasty fool whose heartless and bigoted stance on DADT will ensure that he’s derided and mocked for all time for being on the wrong side of history. I never, ever thought I’d show any love for Lieberman, but he surely deserves a little now.

  15. just a guy says

    Why is this topic so important to Mr. McCain? I just don’t get it.

    I mean, I’ve never wondered this before — and I don’t want to wonder it now… but what if mr. Mcgrody-shrivelhead-McCain is deeply closeted–and maybe that’s his real issue? At least a closeted bisexual. Eww bc it’s this grody guy with that awful personality to boot. But, c’mon; look a the facts…

    I call this one for this historybooks, boys: McCain has had some bi experience and dreams about it in fearful anxiety almost every night. It might have even happened for him in the military. And he loved it, it felt right for him, etc.–but he felt shame about it and it has driven his entire life since. He so firmly said all these “unit cohesion” lies earlier because HE improperly fucked with his army buddy and then the army buddy dumpted HIM or gave him the cold shoulder…and so McCAIN now holds a grudge, the bisexual bitchy grudge, now old-fogey-senator trolly-pouty grudge…the grudge against the gays. Gawd.

    No other way I can explain his persistence that he’s right on this topic.

    No one else thinks his concerns are with 2 minutes let alone 5. But he can’t get enough; this is what he lives for. What. THe. F.

  16. Kelly in Atlantic City says

    I don’t understand how this jerk can continue to think it’s OK to discriminate. He’s not interested in doing the right thing, or listening to experts or studies, or even being reasonable. He’s only interested in discriminating. I hope he rots in hell.

  17. walter says

    i think somebody starts looking into his history and ask him about mia’s and pow’s. word is he won’t let them release his debriefing statements. maybe somebody should question his motives?

  18. dscinsea says

    Total FukTard! McCain is just out of touch with this all … trying to hang onto a shred of importance that is quickly slipping out of his fingers. He comments that we’re not asking their opinion on it – how many studies, how many millions have been spent, how much time has been wasted on this to come up with similar results? When he was a soldier – how often was he asked for his opinion or desire on certain policies…umm, prob ZERO!

    Wake up McCain and realize it’s 2010-time to govern in the present, not the past.

  19. Jerry6 says

    McCain will not “Go Down In History” in any manner or form. Come back in 25 years and he wont even be a footnote. His history will be in line with Hitler, Stalin, Pope Benedict xiii, and similar fools and bigots. As far as going to Hell is concerned, the Devil has already told God not to send him down because he isn’t welcome.