1. BartB says

    Does this guy ever speak directly? It’s all back-ass half-speak. He speaks for our President? Well, I guess we all know where it comes from. It’s embarrassing. No wonder everyone in Washington thinks Obama is spineless…there’s never a straight answer on anything, everything is hedged and talked around.

    Oh, and Gibbs, we all remember the video from about 10 days ago when you assured us DADT would be repealed. How about you talk when you actually can find your ass with both hands, until then, a simple “no comment” will do, since you can’t give a direct answer anyway.

  2. Ninong says

    If DADT is repealed, it will be in spite of Barack Obama’s plans to not even take it up until much later in his expected 8-year “reign” in the White House.

    Don’t forget, he promised to “get rid of the policy.” He said, “all that is needed is leadership.” Of course that was back when he was asking for our votes.

    He took office in January 2009, but we were told in his State of the Union Address in January 2010 — a full 12 months after he took office — that he had just ordered the Dept. of Defense to conduct yet another unnecessary study on implementing the repeal of DADT, “should the Congress decide to repeal the law.” He told us that the study wouldn’t be published until Dec. 1, 2010, conveniently after the November elections and just a couple of weeks before Congress would adjourn.

    We didn’t need another study. Why didn’t he order the Defense Dept. to begin this unnecessary study in January 2009, when he first took office? He told us that he would “do away with the policy” when he took office. He told us “all that is needed is leadership.”

    Let’s face it, Barack Obama had no intention of dealing with any of the major gay issues during his first two years in office and he was really pissed that Democrats in Congress were pushing this issue for a vote this year. He’s only a reluctant supporter. All of those campaign promises were just that, campaign promises.

    Barack Obama is first and foremost a Chicago politician. He used to be in favor of gay marriage, remember that? Then he dropped that idea once he decided he might have national ambitions.

    Obama goes with the flow. He will say whatever it takes to get elected. After all, they’re just “campaign promises.” Ask him what he thinks about “campaign promises” sometime. He’s already told us, “they’re just campaign promises.” Those are his words.

  3. bsmart2 says

    My grandfather was Democrat bred and Democrat raised and when he died at 98 years old, he was Democrat dead. He never voted a split ticket in his life. I am the first person in my family to admit to voting a split ticket. My grandfather was the County Clerk for many years.

    One of his favorite lines was “You know how to tell when a politician is lying to you? His lips are moving.” Old but true.

    I still feel Obama was the lesser of two evils, McCain/Palin vs Obama/Biden. I think of Harry Truman, he would have called the Democrats up to the White House and explained to them he was the President and they damn well better repeal DADT. He would have gotten it done. I think Lyndon Johnson would have gotten it done. He had a great ability to get things done even when they weren’t popular.

    I can’t imagine Obama being elected to a second term, unless the Republicans run Sara Palin, then again he wins as the lessor of two evils.

    Obama has shown no spine or leadership in this matter. This is the issue his Presidency will be remembered in history for. What a waste of such a promising man.

  4. says

    “repealed by the end of this year”….if the bill DOES pass, wait ’til people finally wake up and realize that—due to Gates’ political coup in May—it, just like the amendment, does NOT repeal the law but merely creates the OPTION for the triumvirate of Obama/Gates/Mullen to trigger repeal SOMEDAY with written “certification” to Congress AFTER a plan is created to “implement” “repeal.” There are NO requirements that that EVER happen…and anyone not concerned by Gates’ refusal to say WHEN he would do that is a fool.

  5. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Our troops aren’t coming home before December 31st, so why can’t Congress do its job and stay in session round-the-clock until it gets things done, like DADT repeal?

    There is NO better time for Democrats to accomplish things legislatively than the next two weeks. After that, they lose control of the House. You think Bill Clinton would be letting Congress go home early if he were still in charge? Come on Barry, figure it out.

    By the way, failure to tie passage of the Republican tax cuts to an agreement to pass the DREAM Act, START and DAA (and/or repeal of DADT as a stand-alone bill) was politically naive. Barry should have required the 4 Congressional leaders to join him in a press conference to state publicly that there was a deal. Having all 5 in front of the press at the same time could have gotten a huge “bi-partisan” deal done on these important pieces of legislation.

    Enjoy the next 2 years, BO, cause that’s all the longer you’ll be Mr. President.

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