1. IndyTown says

    I don’t care what his son thinks about this – I care that 2/3 of troops, 2/3 of Americans, and most of the military’s top leaders are ready to see this policy killed. McCain and other old grumpy men are utterly clueless.

  2. rascal says

    McCain’s legacy is dive-bombing. He will be remembered by thoughtful Americans as having burdened the country with Sarah Palin and being the George Wallace of early 21st Century civil rights.

  3. Rob says

    Ever since he selected Alaska (half-)Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, McCain has embodied the sage adage “there’s no fool like an old fool”. He continues to reinforcement that embodiment today.

  4. lessthan says

    a) I won’t believe that it’ll pass till it actually does. People like Sen. McCain will do everything they can to shoot this bill down.

    b) I think that the question was impolite, but pertinent. It is an unspoken rule that you aren’t supposed to involve a politician’s family. It was important to illustrate that it is only his prejudices at work though. I think that McCain lied about what his son thinks. That pause and the lack of proper nouns, with the use of “they” in the middle, to me, indicates that he decided lie with a convenient excuse for later. “I said they! I was clearly still talking about the military leaders!” is something we are going to hear once we find out that McCain’s son supports repeal.

  5. NoSleep4Sam says

    There was definitly a bad experience in McCain’s past with a gay soldier. A really good reporter needs to find out that story. But there must have been a guy that just didn’t take no for an answer or something (McCain was smoking hot when he was younger) and it really poisoned McCain to all gay service members.

  6. StillMarriedinCalifornia says

    @nosleep4sam–what a disgusting comment to make. You have absolutely no evidence of such a thing and yet this is the conclusion you jump to? There are millions of homophobic people in the world-did they all have to have an encounter with a guy “that just didn’t take no for an answer”?? Or might there be other (irrational) reasons for their idiocy? Think for a minute before you type.

  7. NoSleep4Sam says

    What is irrational about my conjecture? Also, it’s really the vibe I get from McCain because he won’t give a real reason he’s so against letting gay service members serve openly.
    It is disgusting that someone would hold a grudge for so long.

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