Wyoming Lawmakers to Introduce Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Wyoming lawmakers plan to introduce legislation to bar the state from recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, the Torrington Telegram reports:

Petersen State Rep. Owen Petersen of (R-Mountain View) and State Sen. Curt Meier (R-LaGrange) are taking the initiative to reevaluate the state’s definition of marriage. The two lawmakers plan to co-sponsor a resolution at the 2011 General Session that would allow voters to decide whether or not the state should give constitutional authority to same-sex marriage. 

Currently, state law defines marriage as “the legal union between a man and woman,” but Wyoming still accepts marriages performed in other states. This puts out-of-state gay marriage licenses into question. 

A resolution would clarify the outcome when gay couples enter Wyoming with marriage licenses obtained elsewhere. Ultimately, it would also reaffirm that the state—not the federal court system—has the last word on the constitutional authority of gay marriage.

Regarding the validity of a same-sex marriage carrying into Wyoming, Meier says, “there is a conflict in the state statute.” He continued, “On one hand, it says that it is not valid. On the other hand, there’s a statutory fix and not a constitutional fix. The resolution would take care of that loophole.”

Wyoming In 2010, a Cheyenne, Wyoming couple filed suit challenging the constitutionality of Wyoming's marriage law, but after "the lawsuit came under fire from some gay-rights activists who worried about its legal arguments and Shupe-Roderick’s history of litigation and criminal activities," it was dropped.


  1. mad1026 says

    So, potentially, Wyoming is able to STRIP legal rights from anyone they choose? This from the state where Matthew Shepherd was crucified on a fence? What a great little bastion of American values! Repugnants never fail to amaze me with their generosity.

  2. Sam says

    Given that the last attempt failed in 2009 with a 35-25 vote in the house and Wyoming needs a 2/3rd majority in both houses to pass a constitutional amendment to the electorate, I want to say it will fail in the house again so I’m crossing my fingers. I can’t say how the Senate will vote. Republicans have veto-proof control in both houses next session but some of them aren’t up for dealing with this volatile issue.

  3. Randy says

    “… it would also reaffirm that the state — not the federal court system — has the last word …”

    Nope. The US Constitution trumps any state constitution, in areas of fundamental rights like marriage, and in areas of discrimination like banning marriage for same-sex couples only.

    The Equality State? How long do they get to promote that lie?

  4. Zach says

    Hey, look Republicans deliberately oppressing us again!

    Please, Republican apologists, point to the number of Dems in the past four years who have introduced or planned to introduce something similar.

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