Yale Launches First Undergraduate LGBTQ Magazine


Q, Yale University's first LGBTQ magazine is set for release on campus tomorrow, December 3.

Its editor, Jake Conway, and publisher, Alice Song, both class of '11, write:

"Its mission is to serve as a guide to students on campus through the celebration of the queer experience. The feature of the first issue, 'We Are Yale,' is a compilation of personal essays from ten students representing the diversity and vibrancy of queer life at Yale. Other articles include: 'Cruising or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cock,' an exposé of cruising culture at Yale; 'The Lowdown: Lesbian Sex,' a short essay demystifying lesbian sex with accompanying photo shoot; 'Undressing Jonathan Weinberg,' an interview with nude portraitist and Yale art critic Jonathan Weinberg ’78; and 'Missing Pages: The Diary of Albert Dodd, 1838,' a historical essay discussing bed sharing between Yale men in the nineteenth century."

The magazine is to be published once a semester, in a print run of 2,500 copies for distribution to the entire campus.

Conway says the magazine will have an online component next semester.


  1. Vann says

    Thanks for sharing this with the world, Andy. And thanks to my friends Mara and Gabe (he’s on the cover!) for pouring so much love and time and sexy sexy effort into this. We’re so excited to see what you’ve done!

  2. says

    “Cruising or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cock” . . . ?

    I hope this yellow journalism-promoting rag has a very short life, as should any publication that spreads the corrupt idea that human beings are “queer”.

  3. Theo says

    “Cruising or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cock” . . . ? Hummm…..while i honestly applaud this progressive achievement, can’t Yale students be a little more thoughtful of the negative impacts on the image of LGBTQ?

  4. annoyedyalie says

    Oh for the love of… there are lots and lots of really talented writers and editors and Yale, and a lot of them write about gay stuff. There are also lots and lots of really talented (and incredibly tireless) queer activists at Yale.

    Jake is neither of these things. But Jake is hot. Really, really hot, and little hipstery, and he likes attention, so he decides to put a magazine together, and all of a sudden the whole campus, and then the whole fucking gay blogosphere, loses their shit.

    Please stop. No really. This guy already gets enough of undeserved adulation.

  5. ajantony says

    THEO – My thoughts exactly!! – Since this magazine will be distributed campus wide, I don’t think essays such as ‘Cruising or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cock,’ will do much to dispel any stereotypical notions straight people have of gay people being sex-obsessed perverts. Sorry, but true.

  6. Max says

    Lol @ Ratbastard. Too true.

    Wow, Yale, like… soooo progressive and ahead of the times. I guess, like, when Glee has a gay love plot and guys are kissing on 90210, it’s finally ok for the daring social pioneers of Yale to put out a gay mag. Still, applause for the move.

  7. Corvy says

    Come on! Cambridge has had a gay magazine for many years, called [no definition], sometimes shortened to [nd], is it really news that yale has finally got a gay mag – doesn’t every uni?

  8. Qlever and Qute says

    “How I learned to stop worrying and love the cock” — hmmm, was that a lesbian contribution? Or is that the story on the bed sharing?

    I would pick this up for a read. Maybe they can get it on iPad.

    Very clever logo incorporating a pink triangle into a Q.

  9. YALE2011 says

    couldn’t have said it better myself, ANNOYEDYALIE. It’s more than a little insulting that Jake Conway thinks he’s equipped to be the arbiter of gay culture at Yale. He’s trying to muscle his way (awkwardly) into power gay status. not. going. to. happen.

    Q is actually unreadable. We already have a gay publication – it’s called the YDN, the Herald, the New Journal, etc, etc. Gay Ivy, remember?

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