Well-Known Gay Rights Activist Murdered In NYC


Prominent gay rights activist and journalist Carlos De Castro was found brutally murdered in his New York City hotel room on Friday. According to reports, police have the 65-year-old's younger lover in custody. 20-year-old Renato Seabra, a male model from Portugal, is currently being held at Bellevue Hospital Center.

The New York Times gives a run down on the discovery of the crime scene:

"On Friday, a friend of Mr. De Castro’s from New Jersey grew concerned and went to the hotel, near 44th Street and Eighth Avenue, to check on him. Members of the hotel’s security staff found Mr. De Castro’s body. 'There’s some type of sexual mutilation,' the official said. 'The place was a mess.' Detectives seized a laptop from the room."

Hotel "Mr. De Castro’s friend told the police that she had seen Mr. Seabra in the lobby on Friday and that she had last spoken to Mr. De Castro about 12:30 p.m. that day. Investigators distributed a wanted poster, describing Mr. Seabra as a person of interest."

Disturbingly, it is being reported that Castro had not only been bludgeoned to death but that his scrotum had also been cut off.

De Castro and Seabra had been heard arguing for a few hours on the day his body was discovered.

All Voices reveals more about De Castro's life: "Aside from his gay rights advocacy, has worked for several television and radio stations in Portugal during his career, according to a biography page on his website. The site also notes his work for several national modeling competitions."


  1. pepee says

    Please, let me tell you what I (a portuguese) said over at boyculture about this same issue:

    Well, I’d just like to say that, in my opinion, to call Carlos Castro a gay activist is much of an overstatement.

    Without any disrespect, he was only a big socialite queen but never an advocate for gay rights.
    If I remember correctly, he went as far a speaking out against gay marriage…
    You can read it here: http://casamentocivil.org/casamentocivil/news.asp?uid=020607B

    His death is awful and the whole story behind it seems to be dense as can be, but I don’t think he should be turned into as international hero just because of that.

  2. Danny says

    Yikes. Lover? A 20 year old? Sounds like the two of them weren’t exactly grownups. As for the “old queen”rhetoric, you guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Gary says


    Ashamed? Look at the pics. Why the hell else would a 20yo model(rent boy) be screwing that old man? LOVE?

    It’s the Andrew Cunanen scenario…and I seriously doubt that guy was 65, looks more like 80.

    Something went down, probably, he cut the kid off $$ and so he berserk and cut his sack off.

    This kind of thing happens all the time. Wealthy old gay men murdered by their young tricks.

  4. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    “…65-year-old’s younger lover in custody. 20-year-old Renato Seabra…”


    translation = his 20 yr old upper market long term prostitute

    model agency’s are just high end pimps providing discrete flesh for the wealthy

  5. jaragon says

    Sad but not surprising story- the “model” says that he is “shy and religious”- not too shy to accept a NYC trip from an older man and he is already setting up the defense – that he was forced into gay sex and fought in self defense.

  6. Jayson says

    There is NO way this lecherous old queen is a day younger than eighty.

    The mystery for me is how a grown man would think it appropriate to strike this “Little Shirley Temple” pose for a photo?

    And no straight boy is going to wear those shorts. Sounds like a bad case of tweaking twink syndrome to me…

  7. Vince in WeHo says

    A “65”-year wealthy old man is diddling a 20-year old and dies at his hands, also having got his scrotum cut off.

    Another PROUD moment in gay history!

  8. Alaska says

    I’d say the guy was straight and was promised money and luxury for sucking this old dude off. When the old bag, didn’t deliver on the bargain, the escort sought revenge and castrated him. Great Tenessee Williams style drama here…

  9. Icewine says

    Calvin Klein and that young porn star/”MODEL” he’s been squiring around and Kevin Huvane and his infamous 20 something pool parties better take heed of this story. Cause it’s comin’

  10. Lexxvs says

    I gonna join what the crowd implied here to say that young model was everything but the lover. As sad as the truth is, some people never get to know what real love is. Whether it is this older hedonistic queen or that disturbed prostitute. I bet the rich queen had been paying escorts for so long he completely lost perspective in the use of the filthiest of power, that is, pressuring with money, lodging, gifts etc. in exchange for humiliating stuff. And I mean “humiliating” cause I don’t see how can be other way, even if the prostitute cheat himself into believing that the benefits surpass the downsides.
    Money can’t buy you love. So true. And so tragic for so many stubborn hedonistic delusional queens.

  11. TANK says

    Don’t cheapen their sincere romantic love with guess work about the who–young man’s motivations and the age gap! They’d have been together even if Castro were some menial laborer, such was the depth of their involvement. If only the who–young man could be given the opportunity to find the real killers. Castration…wow, this was obviously about coke vs. pepsi, and pepsi won. PEPSI WON!

  12. ratbastard says

    Vicious. Wonder if certain substances were involved.

    Looks like Mr. Sunshine welched on the deal, and the young, shy, religious gentleman lost it.

  13. Barb says

    And you know that scrotum was a grey pubed, low hanging, saggy chicken skined hot mess.

    The poor forensics lab having to piece that back together. BLECH!

  14. Cedric says

    So let me get this right…the hot young underwear model bludgeons a gossipy shriveled up old queen over the head with his laptop and then cuts off his nutsack with a broken wine glass, puts on his Prada suit and goes for a walk.

    Why is this any different than the outtakes I’ve seen from the Andy Cohen’s new show “From the Bottom to the Top”?

  15. Scotty says

    You should all be ashamed for the nastiness on this thread. The victim-blaming is horrendous. So he was an older queen keeping a younger model/escort? So what? Does that mean he deserved to be brutally murdered and mutilated? What’s even more ironic is that you all would be among the first to cluck your tongues in outrage if some right-winger had made salacious and insensitive remarks about a gay murder victim, and yet here you are doing the exact same thing. And it’s almost all motivated by envy–hating him because he was an old jet-setter with money who had the sexual services of a hot young underwear model. Grow up! It’s a terrible story, and the snarky attacks on the victim are seriously out of line.

  16. TANK says

    ’tis far bar t’uv loved and lost than never t’uv loved at all…except when it’s your life and penis, yah? Yah? Uh huh. You’re all jaundiced, jaded cynics…who hate olds that you could learn from…like how to do the charleston, for example.

  17. ratbastard says


    …Yeah, not like the good old days when gay men were lobotomized, given electro-shock treatment, surgically castrated, institutionalized, thrown into concentration camps,etc.,

  18. ratbastard says


    …You speaking literally or metaphorically? Yeah, I dunno, I’m not into bondage, S&M, castration, electric shocks, cannibalism, but I hear you.

  19. really? says

    i’m horrified & disgusted by these posts! if you don’t wanna screw him–push him away & walk out (w/his wallet if that’s your style). you don’t have to butcher him! Hell-O?! what have we become that it’s justifiable to kill a trick because he’s wealthy & old? let this happen to one of y’alls uncles see if your still sayin “whatEVER, he was old & ugly”

  20. Hans says


    Metaphorically yes, but unfortunately literally as well, many gay men find this crap entertaining as evidenced by sites like this….www.boundgods.com/site/shoots.jsp?c=1


  21. truthteller says

    What a bunch of VICIOUS, NASTY and BITTER responses. It is no wonder some people think gay people ares superficial sexual-predators…I’d think the same from the responses to this horrible murder.

    Some of you jump to damning conclusions without a shred of evidence and you use those ignorant judgements to murder a dead man’s reputation.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, and get psychological help so you can reach some level of maturity and dignity.

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