1. ratbastard says

    Whatever. Dude probably wouldn’t give me the right time of day if we crossed paths. Most people in front of and behind the camera in his business are complete aholes.

  2. sparks says

    Chad seems like a sweet guy the few times I’ve seen him interviewed (mostly, informally). It must be very hard not to get a bit full of yourself when people are continually telling you how good you look.

    Speaking of which… I think he’s adorable with or without the buzz cut, though I tend to like a bit of a mane. Also a fan of his natural arm hair. He’d be extra hot with some chest fur too.

  3. willie t boned says

    The majority of us do not look like this – and we know how this type treat people in real life (they more often than not the mean girls of gay high school) …. and to have this unrealistic body imaging shoved down our gay gullets is not helpful to anyone … I am sure our blogger is off to the gym today however ….

  4. johnny says

    He’s very pretty.

    But I thought cupie hair was over already… you don’t see it on runways anymore in EU.

    As for “unrealistic body”?

    It’s very realistic if you’re willing to work at it. He’s under 30, too, so it’s easy at that age for most. Face it folks, if you are a model for a living, your body is your paycheck, you’d be stupid to do anything but hit the gym with a trainer every day.

  5. patrick nyc says

    I’ve dated a few models who were vapid but also know many who are wonderful people. Just as all fat people are not jolly, not all beautiful people are assholes.

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