1. Clifw says

    The Smithsonian is almost certainly going to lose funding in its next budget round with the GOP Congress, so I can understand his argument to try and minimize the losses.

    But his cowardice- to cave in so quickly and total lack of media management as this story grew from a local DC item to an international news piece has caused significant damage to the Smithsonian name, and only serves as future encouragement to anyone else with a blog who may get offended.

  2. Rob says

    Congressional Repugs haven’t been tax-dollar supporters of “The Arts” for decades because “The Arts” are fatally tainted by everything gay, gay, gay. So, losing financial support from this Repuggie Congress would not be a surprise. The Smithsonian can call this exhibit’s removal anything they want BUT it was still an act of cowardly censorship which’ll mean NOTHING to the Repuggies holding the Congressional purse strings. It’s so sad that one of our finest national institutions like the Smithsonian caved so quickly to the wingnut Papist and Christianist haters who — as usual — objected to anything/everything gay and then had their official spokesperson lie about their reasoning. Sad, sad, sad.

  3. GraphicJack says

    Exactly, Dan. This was not a case of “making everyday choices” by choosing which works of art were to go in the exhibition, it was already selected to be a part of the exhibit, then it was yanked at the first hint of controversy. Sorry, Clough, but that’s censorship. I think any goodwill and positive feeling that I had for the Smithsonian by showing such a ground-breaking exhibition has been lost by this coward’s “choice”. You suck and should be removed from office. The arts should never be censored. End of discussion.

  4. Bryan says

    Just for the hell of it, let’s as some Catholic pendefactor to comment on the clearly implied message that Christ didn’t die on the cross to redeem any faggots.

    Yeah, I know… teaching pigs to sing.

  5. Rowan says

    This would never happen in Europe.

    Since when does the religous fund any arts? They give all their money to the church and gov lobby groups to fight their relentless cause.

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