1. justiceontherocks says

    One very lame brief may or may not indicate the DOJ’s strategy. My hope is that Obama has figured out that the people who get their panties in a wad about gay this that and the other aren’t going to vote for him anyway.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    Obama’s DoJ is not trying to sabotage DOMA, they’re defending it. Their defense is another example of Obama’s desire for ‘civility’. The DoJ, following Obama’s direction, is still relentlessly bigoted.

    The difference, in this brief, is that they’re not comparing us to typhoid carriers and people who molest, then eat, kittens and puppies. Or was it recruiting and molesting children. I forget.

    Their briefs usually include the kind of vile bigotry associated with Warren, the catholic cult, and other enemies of the rights of LGBT citizens to be treated equally and humanely.

    In spite of premature squeals of ecstasy at the repeal of Clinton’s DADT and the hate crimes bill Obama remains on track as a Clintonite bigot.

    Baume is grasping at bigoted straws and quite delusional.

  3. woodroad34d says

    From what I’ve been reading, the DOJ is using the same arguments that NOM, et al are using. And those arguments are failing everywhere. I suppose they could be expressed more eloquently or, perhaps, more intelligently; but they aren’t (maybe that’s the scheme). The arguments seem to be put out there as expressively as Piggie Maggie or those of her immature ilk would and they don’t work on any intellectual level–purely emotional and fear based.

  4. Corvidae says

    See I want DoJ to really try and defend it, then lose. It’s the best scenario for us – the right won’t feel massively cheated.

    side note: okay the best scenario would be someone in congress proposing abolishing it, then everyone saying hell yeah!
    :end side note.