1. justme says

    That child is beautiful and that man is a born coach. I hope Eli has a lot of people taking care of him. Working with Cyndi Lauper is wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming for a troubled teen. Looks like he’s in great hands, though.

  2. Sean says

    Cyndi Lauper is truly amazing! I wish that our Community will give her more credit! Her tireless work for Equality is so inspiring! Ms. Lauper deserves MUCH more success! I hope she wins a Grammy for her wonderful Memphis Blues album this month!

  3. Disgusted American says

    no doubt his cough,cough mother is a “christian and church goer” ….wow, what scum – people who basically THROW AWAY thier own children…..and IF he makes it BIG $$$ she’ll know doubt want him to forgive her……pa-leeeez!

  4. Phoenix19 says

    WHAT is wrong with people???? His mother doesn’t deserve to be called ‘mother’. She would cast her own child off just because she doesn’t like what he is. Just because you push out a baby doesn’t mean you’re fit to raise it.

  5. Loren says

    I’m a grandma that love watching Made because the show gives hope to kids growing up. I like Eli’s story and can’t understand why his mother like, disowned him just because he is gay and probably worry more about what other people say about his son’s sexuality. She should be proud to have a son who is not on drugs or doing crimes, and is very talented.Being gay should not change a mother’s love toward her children.Good luck, Eli and hope for your success and happiness.

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