Evangelical Pastor Who Spread Anti-Gay Hate in Uganda Reacts to Murder of LGBT Activist: ‘I’m the One Getting Bludgeoned…’

This morning i posted about LGBT activist David Kato, who was beaten to death in his home yesterday. 

Back in October, the Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone published a list of '100 Top Homos' with the directions to "hang them" written on the cover. Kato's face appeared on the cover, and inside, and was named by the tabloid.

Schmierer This followed months of prolonged debate over Ugandan MP David Bahati's 'kill the gays' bill, as well as visits from supportive American Evangelical pastors like Scott Lively, who traveled to Uganda to spread anti-gay hate in the name of religion, and then bragged afterward that he had delivered a "nuclear bomb against the gay agenda" there.

Now, those American evangelicals may have real blood on their hands, and what are they doing?

Claiming to be the victims, of course. The NYT:

On Thursday, Don Schmierer, one of the American evangelicals who visited in Uganda in 2009, said Mr. Kato’s death was “horrible.”

“Naturally, I don’t want anyone killed but I don’t feel I had anything to do with that,” said Mr. Schmierer, who added that in Uganda he had focused on parenting skills. He also said that he had received threats and more than 600 hate mails related to his visit.

“I spoke to help people,” he said, “and I’m getting bludgeoned from one end to the other.”

Ugandan Gay Rights Activist is Beaten to Death [nyt]

UPDATE: Here's more on Scott Lively from Joe


  1. says

    Poor thing. It must be difficult to be unappreciated in one’s own lifetime.

    Just goes to show that the pressure is working. Eventually the meager thrill these bigots experience from their homohatred field trips will be eclipsed by the irritation and stress of society’s response to it.

  2. Sane Soul says

    Christianity takes another hit. This type of PR is about as helpful for Christian churches (and evangelism) as pedophilia scandals are for the Roman Catholic church. He incited hatred that lead to murder and now claims to be a victim. Lovely.

  3. milo says

    Typical Christian pattern: play the victim. They have been doing it for the last 2000 years, and it’s getting real old.

  4. Hawthorne says

    Mr Schmierer, your actions and your words have consequences. Yes, it is true you did not actually kill David Kato, but your words helped foment the intolerance that led to his murder. Just as Sarah Palin did not actually attempt to murder Congresswoman Giffords, Palin’s words helped foment the intolerance that led to the Tucson shootings. You are a stellar example of something I’ve long believed: Some of the worst actions against the Christian message (as Christ preached it, not as it is practiced in America today) are done by so-called Christians. Somewhere, Christ weeps over what his followers do in his name.

  5. Richard says

    “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”
    — M. Gandhi.

  6. yonkersconquers says

    He’s a rabble-rousing POS. He can’t claim to be innocent since his rhetoric inspired this.

  7. RyanInSacto says

    Christian evangelicals really do possess an astoundingly endless supply of victimhood, don’t they? Faced with real victims, they can always find a way to make themselves out to be victims too. Impressive!

  8. Coco says

    “He’s the one getting bludgeoned”

    What a disgusting vile excuse for a human being. “God” must be proud of this “pastor”.

  9. TLC says

    Anybody have contact info for this guy, Schmierer? (E-mail address?) I think an e-mail campaign is in order.

  10. Bob R says

    No one does martyrdom like a christian. He thinks he is the one be bludgeoned to death. I can only hope he soon will be.

  11. willie t boned says

    The Catholic Church and The Nazi Party Members in Germany are still denying they had anything to do with the murder of the Jewish People during the Holocaust.

    Humans are delusional simple creatures.
    Never ever going to change that.
    So his disgusting behavior does not surprise me. Those who hate, usually deep down already hate themselves. Accepting responsibility for many would just be more self-hate and their fragile minds can not allow that.

    Sad. Pathetic. Human.

  12. Leto says

    “Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.” Matthew 25:40

  13. says

    We ran these “The Family” types out of Vegas. Every church, business or govt. agency that any connection with them was targeted until they cut ties with this bunch. They are encouraging murder, pure and simple.

    I suggest that everyone read Jeff Sharletts two books about the “C Street House” to learn who the people are backing these killers. Then take charge of the situation and hound them until they cut ties. Most parishioners donate never imagining that the church leaders are giving it to murderers.


  14. Ian says

    @Richard – While I mostly agree with the sentiment, the M. Gandhi quote you posted is bogus, widely disputed at best. There is no authoritative source for Mahatma Ghandi saying this. He liked/loved everyone.

  15. walter says

    why is it that all this type of ilk always want to play the victim? they can say anything they want, but when someone challenges them they are being persecuted .

  16. says

    the haters are so predictable, spread the hate and backpedal when the hate becomes an act of violence. where are the tapes and articles of what this “minister” said to prove that what he uttered or wrote provoked the crime?

  17. John Normile says

    600? He needs more like 600,0000 threats. He has blood on his hands and needs to know this….Does he think Jesus would be proud?

  18. bobbyjoe says

    Hello, Karma?

    Uh, yeah, just a reminder… don’t you have a big date with Scott Lively coming up?

  19. Rich says

    They’re only words. It’s not MY fault if someone took my ‘message’ out of context and murdered someone.

    Activist gets killed and this turkey is the one being bludgeoned? Yeah, right.

  20. Donald W. Potter says

    There is nothing Christian about this kind of Evangelism. People are being put to death at the bequest of Pastors like this and God will hold them accountable for the poison they spread. There is nothing in Scripture that sanctions this kind of hate speech. God Loves all just as they are. The Stories in the Bible that they use for their hate speech are just that. Stories that were passed down over centuries that have no corrolaton today because we have a different understanding. Shame on this Ugandan Missionary.

  21. says

    DEREK is right, read Jeff Sharlet’s books (and I know it’s weird, but there’s only one t in his name).

    The Family is nothing but a bunch if power-hungry neo-Calvinists who believe that anyone in power is god-ordained so they’re always right.

  22. JM says

    Has anyone read Jeff Sharlet’s books, “THE FAMILY” & “C STREET”?? When “The Family” was published in 2008, along with his many appearances on The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) Mr. Sharlet DID mention a strong relationship between David Bohasti, MP, Don Schmierer, Scott Lively & the total support in the “Kill the Gay’s” bill. These nuts are NOT alone, although the 1/2 term Governer doesn’t have any known connection (yet), I knew this was going to happen, and that so called Evangelical leaders, all with strong connections to the various members of the US Congrees, these sicko’s are gaining strength and I fear more killings is yet to come.
    Now’s the time for the gay community to study what connections these nuts have with members of the 112th congress. Ask yourself this; could this happen in the US, especially with the fear that continues to gain? YES !

    These so called “Evangelical Leaders” will only gain strength with every step we make. Remember it’s God, Guns & Gay’s!

  23. GeorgeM says

    Here’s my list of the top 100+ HOMOPHOBES. My hope is that these people will be cured of this terrible disease of homophobia. Not bludgeoned to death like David Kato was.

    1.50 Cent (and a host of other rapper a-holes, 40 Gloc, Trick Trick, Ja Rule)
    2.Alan Keyes
    3.Andrew Shrivell, Michigan AG’s office
    4.Ann Coulter
    5.Archbishop Alfred Hughes
    6.Archbishop Peter Akinola, Nigeria
    7.Bill Donohue, Catholic League
    8.Bill O’Reilly
    9.Bishop Eddie Long
    10.Boyd K. Packer, LDS Apostle
    11.Buju Banton and assorted others who besmirch reggae with their (hypocritical?) bigotry
    12.California State Sen. Roy Ashburn
    13.Carl Paladino
    14.Charles Koch
    15.Charlie Crist
    16.Clint McCance, Arkansas School Board member says gays should get AIDS and die
    17.Congressman Aaron Schock, IL (cute but stupid closet case)
    18.Congressidiot Dan Lungren, CA
    19.Congressschmuck, Devin Nunes, CA
    20.Congressthing Eric Cantor, VA
    21.Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, GA
    22.Congressman? Patrick McHenry, NC
    23.Congressman Paul Broun
    24.Congressman Ernest Istook, OK
    25.Congresscreature Virginia Foxx, NCs
    26.David Bahati, Ugandan lawmaker who wants to murder gay people
    27.David Dreier, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives in California
    28.David Koch
    29.Dennis Reilly
    30.Dick Armey
    31.Donald Rumsfeld (just because he’s a lying, murdering war criminal)
    32.Don Schmierer, one of the American evangelicals who visited in Uganda in 2009
    33.Edward L. Schrock, Virginia Congressman
    34.Edward Pastor, Methodist pastor
    35.Elder Bobby Harris, Georgia homeless shelter who hates LGBT Youth
    36.Fred Phelps and family (mostly)
    37.Gary Bauer, former boss of the Family Research Council
    38.General Hugh Shelton (did the Vietnamese have openly gay service members? No. We lost to them. What a moron. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/david/former-join-chiefs-staff-chairman-us-has-nev)
    39.George Rekers
    40.George HW Bush and his wife
    41.George W. Bush
    42.Giles Muhame, Uganda Rolling Stone’s managing editor
    43.Glenn Beck
    44.Glenn Murphy, Jr., Chairman, Young Republican National Federation
    45.Governor Jan Brewer
    46.Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani (fatwa against gays)
    47.Islamic Fundamentalists in Iraq killing gays (OK, that could be hundreds right there)
    48.Javier Barragan, Mexican Cardinal
    49.Jim Daly, the head of Focus on the Family
    50.Jimmy Swaggart
    51.Joe McQuaid, New Hampshire paper won’t publish gay marriages
    52.Joe Miller, Alaskan repugnican Senate candidate
    53.Jorge Medina Estévez, Argentinian Cardinal
    54.Jozef Glemp, Polish Cardinal
    55.John Ashcroft
    56.K. Sudarshan, Hindu right-wing leader
    57.Karl Rove
    58.Laura Schlessinger
    59.Lou Sheldon
    60.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    61.Marco Rubio
    62.Marine commandant, General James Amos
    63.Mark Foley, U.S. Representative from Florida
    64.Mark Kostabi
    65.Martin Ssemba
    66.Meg Whitman
    67.Mel Gibson
    68.Michele Bachmann
    69.Mike Huckabee
    70.Muqtada al-Sadr and the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)
    71.Nepal Home Secretary Dr. Govind Prasad Kusum?
    72.Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne
    73.Pat Roberts
    74.Pope Ratzinger
    75.Rabbi Yehuda Levin
    76.Raila Odinga, Kenya’s Prime Minister
    77.Ralph Reed
    78.Rand Paul
    79.Raymond L. Burke, Cardinal designate
    80.Republican Florida state Rep. Bob Allen
    81.Representative Tom Emmer (MN homophobe Target supports associated with a Christian “punk-rock ministry” that supports the killing of gays and lesbians.)
    82.Richard Cheney
    83.Rick Warren
    84.Robert Dornan
    85.Robert Mugabe
    86.Robert Rowling, Gold’s Gym donated millions to anti-gay group
    87.Ron Paul
    88.Roy Ashburn, Republican California state senator
    89.Rudy Giuliani
    90.Rush Limbaugh
    91.Sarah Palin
    92.Sean Hannity
    93.Senator James Inhofe
    94.Senator John Boehner
    95.Senator John McCain
    96.Senator Larry Craig
    97.Senator Mitch McConnell
    98.Senator Scott Brown
    99.Silvio Berlusconi
    100.Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
    101.Supreme Court Justice Alito
    102.Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel
    103.Ted Haggard
    104.Ted Nugent
    105.Terry Moffitt, veteran anti-gay activist
    106.Thomas S. Monson, President of the LDS Church
    107.Tom Cruise, moron scientologist
    108.Vladimir Putin
    109.William Dannemyer
    110.Yoweri Museveni and his wife
    111.Yury Luzhkov, ex-mayor of Moscow

    Some names from http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2010/05/unless_youve_spent_the_last.php?page=2
    and http://www.edifyingspectacle.org/gullibility/blog/archives/homophobia/index.php
    and http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2010/02/dirty-half-dozen-6-worst-homophobes-in.html

  24. Doug says

    This brings to mind the issue of the AMERICAN Rolling Stone magazine from January of 1981–the one that had the picture of John & Yoko on the front cover and contained, in the Letters section, the reactions of people all over the world to John’s killing. One in particular has always stayed with me: “We’ve come a long way in 17 years–from assassinating presidents to murdering musicians.” As a member of the non-fringe element of the human race, I only hope I live long enough to see an imminent public outcry to these supposed followers of Christ who are taking their fears & self-hatred and besmirching the names of God & Jesus Christ in the name of their own twisted, mentally-deranged agenda. I imagine the Fred Phelps Klan right now is jumping for joy over this article. These people are pestilences to all peace-loving, forward-thinking people who believe in the Golden Rule, and hopefully the God of our understanding will soon bring them all to eventual, certain & swift justice.

  25. sjames says

    If you tell a lie often enough and outrageous enough it will be seen as the truth

    From Goebbels, who got hitler elected.

    Schmierer of EXodus claims he sent letters to Uganda to try and stop the gay genocide bill.

    MY first sentence explains both Schmierers lies, and also the lies of Exodus.

    The guy is a nazi true and true. His name speaks of being german. He could well have been a child of some of the nazis who were allowed to stay in the USA after WWII, since they had b ehaved them selves when broutht to the USA to help on the farms.

    A bullet to these creeps head, one and all would have been proper justice, then and now.