1. Stephen Tropiano says

    The LGBT community of San Francisco are lucky to have a politician like Bevan Dufty on their side. He is one of the good ones–and he is going to make a great mayor! Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. newtman says

    Ah, Bevan Dufty, the biggest gay poser in San Francisco. I still don’t understand how a man in a committed “relationship” with a woman he has a child with, and who routinely puts a damper on fun in the Castro, is a good representative for the Gay community. I’ll take an open-minded straight over him any day.

  3. Odsbjorn says

    Ugh. Stephen you are tripping. the LGBT community could do sooo much better than this poseur. I will work for pretty much any one but Bevan in the next election. He is the one that sank Halloween in the Castro. New Orleans can have Mardi Gras for frakkin decades, but SF can’t handle Halloween? Give me a break.

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