1. EO says

    Gervais was in top form last night – so funny. Every time the crowd gasped in horror I laughed louder. Awesome closing line too, “Thank you God for making me an atheist!” Gervais rules.

  2. Matt26 says

    Brilliant. I laughed so hard and the audience clearly wasn’t ready for, which was probably the best thing (and they call themselves liberals, how about Fox News viewers watching the show).

  3. says

    I don’t think he was in any way referring to Will Smith; there are Smith gay rumors and there are Smith-as-secret-Scientologist rumors, but not enough for it to make sense in the context of his joke, which seemed to be about Travolta & Cruise. The Globes gutlessly refused to show Nicole Kidman reacting!

  4. weboy says

    It’s hard to give the Globes “edge”, but he certainly pulled that off; watch the nervous reactions of the stars – do you laugh cause it’s funny, or not? – and the tension in the room is palpable. I’m not sure it’s a “you’ll never work in this town again”, but I suspect Gervais will pay some sort of price for it. My guess is at least Johnny and Angelina (if not Cher) have people to express their displeasure. I’m not trying to suggest it wasn’t funny… but it was harsh. And Hollywood doesn’t necessarily love harsh.

  5. The_Fixer says

    That was great!

    The gasping audience was really funny, though. If you’re in Hollywood, you’ve no doubt heard the rumors. C’mon, they really reacted this way?

    Guess it must be the influence that these particular actors have, or perhaps the influence of the COS.

    It was a good, solid joke and I LMAO.

  6. justme says

    I have a straight male friend with zero reason to lie and who had to be forced to tell the story that he’s extremely uncomfortable with — back when he would tell it at all — who could tell you something very interesting about Will Smith. As for the Scientology, nobody does as much public stuff with them and for them without being one of them. It’s obvious why he won’t acknowledge the former but I have no idea why he won’t admit the latter.

  7. says

    I found myself “gasping” at the Scientology/outing, along with most of Gervais’ opening monologue. The commenter above nailed it when he said it was like Kathy Griffin was writing his jokes! It was like being at one of her shows, except this time all of the celebs she mocks were sitting in front of her – now that takes some serious balls.

    You could feel the crowd turning against him as the night progressed, which made for extremely uncomfortable, but captivating, viewing. He was clearly pulled from the show for that hour he was missing and his intros upon returning were clearly rewritten to be more polite and tame. There was, ultimately, more mean spiritedness in his barbs than I found enjoyable, but I have to respect his ability to tell the Emperor he’s not wearing any clothes.

    He’ll work in this town again, but it certainly won’t be at the Golden Globes!

  8. SteveDenver says

    I love his TAKE NO HOSTAGES style amid a bunch of gasping social hypocrites… they only gasp because he talks about what they’re too scared to say aloud.

  9. TANK says

    Kathy Griffin writing his jokes? Well that’s impossible, because many of them were funny. This was risque for the golden globes…which is why I didn’t watch them. It’s just a shame he couldn’t have done his hitler routine.

  10. Paul R says

    This isn’t the first time he’s hosted them (though it was the first time I’ve watched). I suspect he was tired of all the BS surrounding the show, which is a farce, but he was hilarious.

    I didn’t recognize Angelina Jolie repeatedly. She looked odd—rather plain and not so corpse-y. Helena Bonham-Carter looked scary.

  11. kcj310 says

    His gagging joke about Hefner’s penis was a direct lift of Kathy Griffin’s gagging joke about Anna Nicole blowing her ancient husband. Even the gestures were precise. It really did feel like she was writing for him. Not that I care. Love them both.

  12. TANK says

    No, it wasn’t. It really, really wasn’t…because that bit, once again, wasn’t funny…at all…and neither were particularly clever. Ricky Gervais was funny. Kathy Griffin isn’t–taking over for joan rivers who similarly isn’t funny…and the people who find her funny are themselves not funny, and fundamentally don’t understand humor…they are walking laugh tracks. The funniest thing kathy griffin could do would be drown in a bowl of soup…get mauled by wild animals…or shot during a liquor store robbery.

  13. TANK says

    I know what it isn’t, though, and that’s kathy griffin. I’m not saying I’d want her to get shot in a liquor store hold up or anything bad to happen to her…I’m saying, instead, that it would be the clerk who shot her after the robbery rather than put up with one more second of her hysterical clucking. I’m not saying that you’re a bad person if you like kathy griffin…I’m saying that you’re dead inside and probably outside, too.

    Another thing that’s just not funny would be regaining consciousness next to you, bobby.

  14. Rick says

    Funny? Who hates gays more than gays? You people sound like a group of vultures waiting for the next weakest to stumble. To think this his entertainment reminds me of Roman’s burning Christians…but of course you would love that too. How sad.

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