1. says

    But Barry loves us, he really loves us!

    So what if he personally did nothing to pass hate crimes? So what if, after two years in office during which hundreds of gays were needlessly discharged, he’s still letting Gates drag his heels on actually implementing repeal of DADT? So what if he’s done nothing to keep his promises to fight for passage of ENDA and repeal of DOMA?

    He loves us, he really loves us.

  2. brent46 says

    Michael, it’s called politics and he needs to get re-elected. We ARE moving forward with Obama and we in the gay community need to give the guy a little room. Have you looked at the alternative lately?

  3. nick says

    What a shock. BHO has never been an advocate for LGBT equality-not in the past, not in the present, not in the future-not ever- he will applaud the heavy lifters-but go out of his away and unequivocally support us -not so much-
    None of this is news-

  4. gr8guyca says

    He made a campaign promise to repeal DADT and he did. Give him a break. And let’s see what happens in the second term when he has less political pressure on him. I still give him the benefit of the doubt.

  5. CARIBTONY says

    Obama has made it quite clear from the beginning during his campaigning that he does NOT believe in gay marriage, so why is everyone all of a sudden expecting him to address this issue in the State of the Union? He does support civil unions – a position that I agree with ’cause as an agnostic I believe that marriage is a church-thing and should NOT be forced on everyone but debated in that person’s respective religious sect.

    Obama has, however, always been a supporter of gay rights and gay issues but takes a calculated approach to get things done – look at the way DADT was handled.

    Stop expecting the world on a plate for doing nothing; don’t wait on one man to do the dirty work for you – get out and DO something to get our right recognized. And before the haters tell me to practice what I preach, I did go out and stomped ground to get signatures in support of ENDA and know that it will be passed eventually.

  6. The Iron Orchid says

    Did anyone making comments here watch the clip, or did ou just read the blurb?
    The question was when Obama was a Senator he went on record supporting same sex marriage. When he became a presidential candidate he suddenly opposed it. What caused the change in his opinion?
    That was the question asked, and a completly appropriate question.

  7. says

    @CARIBTONY: Marriage is not a “church thing.” None of the legal benefits or responsibilities of marriage are granted through the church; they are all granted by the state. Plenty of married straight (and now gay) couples aren’t at all religious. Whether to have one’s marriage sanctioned by the church is up to each couple and their church, should they have one. No one is forced to have a “religious” marriage. No church is forced to marry anyone.

    The truth is, as the questioner states, Obama HAS flip-flopped on the issue, offering support before he was a presidential candidate, withdrawing that support after he was and irrationally putting “God in the mix.” More recently he has indicated that he’s “evolving” on the issue, the evolution more likely political than anything.

    Given political realities for the next 2 years, any marriage progress is likely to happen in the states (where we can make a difference) or in the courts, though the President could put aside political cowardice and use his bully pulpit if he so chose–not holding my breath before 2012, but stranger things have happened.

  8. Jason 2 says

    Obama has done what he’s going to do with DOMA. Give him his second term simply to keep a Republican out of the White House, and then kick him out in 2016.

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