1. Bryan says

    It baffles me that the Queen of the Single Entendre still – either for real or by proxy – can inspire anything beyond yawns. Parody of Ms. Spears faces the same insurmountable problem as that of Quitter Palin – how do you exaggerate something that’s already a travesty of itself?

  2. kris says

    This video was actually bad, which is surprising. He had definitely made much better videos. I agree way to many girls. On the upside the lead guy is hot.

  3. Eric Shaw says

    Excuse my ignorance but why would they spend so much time, effort & money(?) on this? It’s cheesy, at least get a girl who looks like Britney. Yeah the lead guy def is good eye candy though. Meh just about sums up this video.

  4. says

    I don’t want to be just another b-tchy queen, but really, his videos are getting old. He needs to start coming up with concepts, interesting and novel ones, instead of relying on fit dancers, body paint, and jump cuts.

  5. Scrimac says

    These girls would never survive on Rupaul’s Drag Race, their lip synching is overdone. This looks like the cheer squad in “Bring It On” before they stole a better routine from the black high school.

  6. TitusInChains says

    Oddly enough, I liked this video more than almost all of Ryan’s videos since the first two Katy Perry efforts. Even though I agree with pretty much all of the above comments, this video at least showcased some decent choreography. Hell – I wish Britney would show that much energy and intensity herself, as her recent videos make her look like Liza Minelli taking care not to break a hip.

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