1. Brad says

    How is this any more acceptable than substituting the words faggot and queer with the “n” word and denigrate people of color. This is wholly unprofessional. The men who participated in this should be at the very least reprimanded and probably discharged with dishonorable conduct. This looks like something a frathouse would do.

  2. Eric says

    Ummm you obviously didn’t watch the whole thing because it gets worse. What about the two guys in bed with each other with the condoms and lube on the table. Or how about ramming that stick up that guy’s butt? I can’t believe he made that video with government equipment and on government time. It’s great to see where our taxes dollars are going.

  3. Philip Smith says

    You’re right, this does seem like something a frat house would do.

    And that is why I think the best solution is for them to say that it was using “fag” casually and as a way to bring humor situation but that they realize now how that is a totally inappropriate way to try to do that – not to mention poor comedy writing! Come on Navy, you can be more creative than eliciting laughs by calling someone a fag.

    This could be the opportunity for a very large-scale example to be set for why words/phrases like “fag” and “no homo” may be used without intent to discriminate but are still hurtful.

  4. Rolph says

    I thought it was clever and hilariously funny. The crews of these ships are out to sea for years at a time and they only have themselves to entertain each other. How is this any different that the Funny or Die clips? Nothing here is terribly offensive. It’s lighthearted, campy. Personally, there should have been more shower footage. Maybe I’ll sign up and request the USS Enterprise, at least I know the downtime will be fun.

  5. Jason (the commenter) says

    Sure, they used a few words they shouldn’t have, but the video was also homoerotic, so I think the “anti-gay” label is a bit of a stretch.

    Hell, people would probably pay money to see this video if they knew it had sailors showering together.

  6. Justin Werner says

    I’d have to say that I expected more in the way of decorum from the XO (now commander) of a multi-billion dollar vessel representing the United States of America. I definitely think it was a misuse of government equipment.

  7. Toto says

    It would be one thing if videos like this were being made by the newly enlisted, early 20 somethings, but these are grown men making crude, vulger, sexist, and (as far as I can see) homophobic material masked as an educational presentation. Ive been deployed twice to the AOR for long periods under stressful situations and have never experienced myslef or others with some biological NEED to record (with governement equipment and supplies) doing immature, bigoted or plainly stupid behavior. If they truely believed in the harmless and “ahhh shucks” quality of what they were doing, why censor themsleves so much??? Its not asking alot for members f the military to carry themselves with professionalism while in uniform.

  8. Mr. West says

    Ummmm….I hardly think this video is anti-gay. It is actually a green light to get you’re freak on Navy boys!!! This XO guy is obviously totally gay and he doesn’t hide it very well either (kinda hot in a man-child way). At least now he can serve openly. The worst thing about this video is the Music- Jefferson Starship and Styx? XO was dropped on his head from a high elevation n High School and has never recovered. SHOWER TIME!!!

  9. w.t. door says

    As a naval officer and a SWO (Surface warfare officer), this video is a pretty good reflection of what goes on, on a ship. Pretty hilarious, but shouldn’t have left. I’m interested to see how the PAOs are gonna handle this.

    Most of the disgruntled hate for this video will probably come from civilians.

    PS – I woulda given a lot to get in bed with my old XO. But you know, I had to be professonal.

  10. justiceontherocks says

    1) On a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is the most offensive, this is about a 2 at worst.
    2) On the same scale, HEATHR posting for donations is an offensive 10.
    3) The guy on the right in the still photo looks like a 10, and not in an offensive way.

  11. DrWill says

    Some of it is sophmoric. I’ve said it before but we gay folks need to loosen up. Girls, let’s be honest. We say much worse to each other every time we congregate. Stop being so sensitive.

  12. sal says

    these are the folks trying to take down the taliban?how can u be the face of a modern western world and still push sexism and homophobia,what makes u better than the backward folks u are trying to defeat??i really hope one of these guys think about the kinda example they are putting out there to their daughters!!their sons who god i hope will know better and the children etc who ARE gay and not to be degraded …”fags” hmmmm such a shame

  13. says

    Agree, it’s pretty lame, but it’s a bit of a stretch to label it as homophobic, especially since it was produced under the George H.W. Bush Administration when both political branches of our government were controlled by one party.

    The real issue here is the fact that the XO, now Captain, of the Enterprise inspired such loyalty from his crew that that American people now know what a great job he was doing! [Snark.]

  14. sal says

    toto amen ” Its not asking alot for members f the military to carry themselves with professionalism while in uniform.” just imagine all the kids who will see these guys they look up to push this ancient perspective.i hope this kinda stuff isnt covered over with excuses,that is needed to build a strong inclusive future military

  15. rebar says

    Man people need to lighten up! These folks are out to sea for years at a time, diversion is in short supply . The only thing I found offensive is the music Jefferson Starship and Styx really?! You should see what some us got up to at Parris Island.We had a Drill Sargent who would walk around in socks and boots smoking a cigar, and if you were lucky he’d blow smoke in your face out of his mouth instead of a different orifice lol!

  16. Jay says

    As a former Army officer, I find none of this surprising; however, I’m not about to defend it. I’m sure CPT Honors will be held to account for his actions by the Navy.

    My point is that this is a good example of why DADT repeal is so important. Over time, having gay officers and enlisted throughout the ranks serving openly will make anti-gay jokes/rhetoric like this seem…passe and old-fashioned. Stuff like this will just fade away. That will be the true measure of progress.

  17. HadenoughBS says

    It’ll be interesting to see if the new post-DADT guidelines being prepped by the Pentagon address fratboy-level behavior like that exhibited by the XO in these “written by, produced by, directed by and starring in” XO tapes (as if it takes the repeal of DADT to address such fratboy-level behavior)!

  18. Name2 says

    Can’t wait to see the sight gag about the xian fundie who bent over for the anal probe because they told him that was jesus inside.

    Wait, what? Such a thing would never get made? Really?

    Anyway, yeah, that was probably Glenn Close – daughter of the founder of the Moral Rearmament, and among the first-year class of “Up with People”. Whatev. She lives her life, I live mine.

  19. Randy says

    Your tax dollars at work.

    This sort of video might be something seamen might get up to amongst themselves, but for an XO to put this out for the whole ship, something is wrong.

  20. plaintom says

    Juvenile? yes. Frathouse Humor? yes. My older straight brother was in the Navy and I could see him doing this and laughing his ass off. Lighten up folks, this isn’t mean spirited, just boys blowing off a some steam. Hell, I even thought it was amusing.

  21. walter says

    to defend this garbage is really stupid. this man is a captain in the us navy and really should know better. if this is the kind of people who will implement the repeal of DADT
    it will never get certified. this man’s next step is to be an admiral but should actually be throw out. he exercised bad judgement and misuse of government property. is this any different than tail hook where officers where censured and forced to retire?

  22. Rod Douglas says

    Andy – the video doesn’t work. It plays for the first few seconds until it reaches “XO” and then cuts out. I would love to comment but can’t see it.

  23. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    I would agree with many of the comments here. What on earth is offensive in the least with ANYTHING in this video ? Preening and whining about ‘sensitivity’ is the thing that will set back all the progress we have made.

    Maybe it is just because I am ex-military myself, but I see nothing demeaning here. Progress will be made when anti-LGBT jokes are relegated to the same hilarious ‘taboo’ bucket as anti-black jokes which are universally told by comedians from Chris Rock on down to peals of laughter.

    Thick skins everyone. It will be a bumpy ride to full equality and progress and those stressing some faux political correctness over manning up and joining in with the frat boy humor are doing nothing but setting us back decades.

  24. Ricco says

    Harmless? Just guys letting of steam? You are an idiot if you think this is just good fun. The ones a**hole sitting on the XO right talked about how their movies had offended people, but “they were to gutless to come directly to them, instead went through other channels.”

    I could only imagine the harassment one would get if one did go directly to the XO and his two idiot sidekicks. It is not so much the content (you idiots who would defend this BS are right, worse has been said and done) as it is the toxic tone of the film, creating a toxic and threatening environment for any gay personnel who are put in the position of having, yet again, to pretend that they are straight, that it is all just in good fun, and being made to feel that they must laugh along, so they don’t given themselves away.

    While not the onerous thing I have ever seen, it is threatening, and it is toxic. If diversion was all they wanted, then maybe they could have poked fun at themselves, instead of going with the “Fag” baiting.

    Certainly, gays have recently become ultra-sensitive, ready to jump on the smallest joke, or clumsy choice of words, but there is nothing innocent going on this film in the way of just good fun. When a bunch of straight men with a frat-house mentality get together and produce this type of crap, and feel the need to trot out their testosterone-hyped BS for the world to see, there is nothing remotely innocent or fun about it.

    It’s a threat, plain and simple, and pretty much standard for one of the most unprofessional militaries in the world.

  25. Mark says

    Andy’s site is the best. I read it every day. This is the first time he’s misfired. This is amateur hour but it’s not homophobic per se. It’s just reflective of our juvenile society best represented by the people that fight the wars we shouldn’t be in in the first place.

  26. BobN says

    How about we leave it to gay people IN THE NAVY to decide how “offensive” this is. If they complain about it, fine. If they like it, fine.

    I swear, all these complaints and especially demands for investigations and dismissals are EXACTLY what our opponents said would happen if DADT was repealed.

    Stop fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the asshats.

  27. says

    With it edited as much as it was, it’s hard to tell if this is homophobic or just sophomoric. I’m willing to bet it’s a bit on the mean-spirited side, but that’s kinda the military.

    It’s not like people go to Harvard because the Navy won’t take them…

  28. Rod says

    I personally dont think this is funny, and using the word “Fag” in a negative contentation is in fact a form of homophobia.

    As a leader in a time of war the XO should be setting an example and not acting like a middle-aged Frat boy trying to be cool with the young kids.

    whats most frightening and infuriating are all the comments defending the XO… I forget that in America its unpatriotic to say anything negative about the worlds most unprofessional military!

  29. Joe says

    Wait, that wasn’t intended to offend anyone? Really, is that what the navy is sticking to.

    Sorry, but this guy needs to be thrown under the bus if our military is serious about ending discrimination. Alas, they probably aren’t.

    No surprise so many fought against DADT repeal because of unit cohesion. Really what they meant was these bro-ish assholes bonding over making fun of gays. They’ll miss being able to do stuff like this.

  30. JohnnyWad says

    The XO is super hot and gay. Capt Honors is very gay and always has been.. I bet the boys on the USS Enterprise are lathering each other up.

  31. barney says

    For an Army Xmas party, I was force to do a drag show, or do KP forever. I thought my closet door was real tight.

  32. Joe says

    After watching it, I get that it’s not all offensive.

    But, his clear use of the word “fag” at the begining to warn them that they may cry is a clear problem and a use of hate speech intended to offend. Further constantly referring to one of the guys as a “fag” and “gay” as a put down is pretty disgusting – but in 2007 the military code said gays were disgusting.

    Like others, I’m interested in the navy giving a real response to this, and to looking at what type of anti-discrimination guidelines are created in the coming months.

  33. Joe says

    Also, it must have really sucked to be gay and see the word “fag” thrown around so casually as if being gay was negative and made you less of a man, and watching all of your peers laugh at you. The fact that this was shown to 6000 people is terrible.

    However, the military uniform fully supports this type of homophobia.

  34. Rich says

    The only part that made me cringe was when he calls his blue-suited self “fag” several times. It comes across as derogatory.

    Most of the jokes – guys showering together, the lube, the bed scenarios, guys in drag – I don’t mind. Jokes like that probably go back to cavemen days and they’re just keeping things loose.

  35. says

    As a Family Therapist I find this just fascinating–the idea of the XO doing split screen “alter egos” of himself with the “left” flyboy macho snarking at the “right” SWO. I was impressed at how well Honors used his physical stance to impart personality elements to all three of his “characters.”

    I’d really enjoy using this as a teaching tool for other therapists.

  36. says

    I want to see Mr. Honors live up to his name by making a dozen-niggers-in-the-shower-with-the-lone-lily-white-young-naked sailor video as well as an all-chinky-eyed Asian navy men showering with the same lone young blond blue-eyed caucasian smiling and addressing the camera with: “The water heater is damn broke but it sure is getting warm in here!” and upload both on YouTube and let’s see if they get the same ho-hum no-big-deal reaction that Mr. Honors’ people say his homophobic video elicited generally.

  37. dave02657 says

    Posted by: Ricco | Jan 1, 2011 11:57:06 PM:

    … unmitigated epic fail.

    Oh, and game, set, match at the fist use of the term “idiot.” Pack your bag and hit the showers, you lost.

  38. says

    I’m willing to cut a lot of slack. This is nowhere near as raw as the fratboy stuff I’ve seen made by the Junior Sailors on some of Her Majesty’s Australian Ships.

    Except – these weren’t junior sailors.

    OK, good for morale etc. Still willing to cut slack.

    Except… “they were to gutless to come directly to them, instead went through other channels.”

    This is like a Good Ol Boy Sheriff “joking” about what him and his boys do to n1ggers who get too uppity. All a joke, right? Lots of Laffs? The noose in the background, that’s all good fun.

    No way. That’s a threat. It can be seen as declaring that no complaint of harassment is going to be dealt with with any seriousness. Maybe guys don’t see it this way, but the gals sure would.


    There’s a history there. This can’t be seen in isolation.

    Tailhook was is 1991. Honors graduated from the Naval Academy in 1983, so odds are pretty darned good he was in the Tailhook association then.

  39. says

    And you wonder why we can’t win wars… the same people who made this kind of crap, are our commanders… and our Chief of staffs…
    Sadly, it’s never them who are kicked OUT of the armed forces.

  40. DR says

    meh. The video is taken in isolation. Most of you have never served and don’t get some forms of military humor. it can be *very* juvenile, just like this.

    was this funny, yeah, in a frat-boy kinda way. am I offended, nope.

    thick skin and battle choosing, folks.

  41. RIck says

    I didn’t see anything offensive or anti-gay about this video. To go to the lengths and extremes that some of your comments have gone to about this video is ridiculous. I swear some of you post comments on here just to see your big boy words on a blog. Lighten up, relax and stop trying to make more out of something that’s pretty harmless and silly.

  42. walter says

    @rick remember these are the officers responsible for implementation of the repeal of DADT. if they think it is all a big joke how will they enforce it with the enlisted men? everyone thought tailhook was a joke too until someone found it offensive. this the same level officers being unprofessional.

  43. mike/ says

    juvenile & frathouse? it don’t think even a middle schooler would take credit for this; i think it’s basically harmless;

    the one thing i didn’t quite understand is why he kept saying the Admiral & Captain are not aware of any of what is being filmed. what was the purpose of repeating that so often? was he afraid of getting in trouble? assuring people that there is not censorship? doesn’t make sense to me…

  44. sarah says

    Let’s not make this a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation. This is what it is – about a 2 on the ‘offensive’ scale – and isn’t worth wasting a blog post about, just because it’s military.

  45. JGT says

    Offensive? Only to prudes and old queens. I suggest that you might consider getting a life!
    I live in Norfolk and the Navy is our lifeblood here. We know the Navy and this was harmless fun for 18 and 19 year old kids just starting to shave, for god’s sake. Most of these kids come from Podunk, Iowa, or some other such place, maybe lacking some social skills, are lonely in a big town or onboard a huge ship and their shipmates become their FAMILY for the time that they are away from everybody else. They get the movie. You folks who have never served or ever known what it is to have brotherly relationships with straight folks will never get this kind of fun. But let the rest of us enjoy it and even ENCOURAGE it! Way to go XO!

  46. rebar says

    To reiterate ,lighten up people! This is nothing more than a group of guys blowing off steam, not some sinister anti-gay cabal looking to isolate and destroy LGBT service members! I served for 20 yrs. in the Corp. , this type of thing went on all the time during deployment. Is it juvenile and frat like: certainly. Is it malicious and dehumanizing :absolutely not. Those of you who have served and been sent into harms way know just how stressful and nerve-wracking it can be. The opportunity to break the tension with off color humor and dumb pranks is always welcome. As someone who has been on the receiving end of more than my fair share of dopey practical jokes , the ability to laugh at yourself is priceless in pre&post combat situations. Without a healthy sense of self deprecating humor life would have been unbearable!

  47. kodiak says

    made by and for themselves. it’s corny at best. stupid at worst. but it doesn’t seem like a big deal. the crew is prob forced to watch this stuff, groaning inside.

  48. CoMo'mo says

    I don’t know what it’s like to be on a ship with thousands of men and women but imagine there’s a need for some humorous relief from the tedium of day to day work. Humor is naturally inclined to veer into offensive and sophomoric territory, pushing the limits of what’s acceptable among “polite” people. that’s why it’s funny and a useful way to deflect anger, anxieties and other emotions that can become dangerous in a closed group. I don’t like the causal use of “fag” here but don’t find the thing hurtful, overall. I’m sure there were sailors on board the ship who were gay and heard the usual terms all the time, and accommodated themselves to it. I also suspect that many of them were known to be gay and received friendship and respect from others based on their abilities to do their jobs. Instead of getting all het up over this, we should look on it as an artifact of predominantly male military culture that must change when the repeal of DADT is put into effect. It can be seen as a benchmark for attitudes and expressions to move forward from, and in the new post-DADT environment could be used as a genuine instructive piece or work that would allow gay men and women to talk openly, finally, about what changes are needed on the personal level. This doesn’t mean that the XO should escape some censure for producing a lame film that doesn’t go nearly far enough to be truly funny.

  49. patrick nyc says

    While Honors behavior is childish and similar to a high school bully it is not the kind of ‘leader’ or commander I want to be in charge if we are under attack. Fire his sorry ass.

  50. Rob says

    I think satire is a human need- my medical school did similar (more PC) videos all the time. Let’s not forget the boredom and isolation these people face. It boosts morale to play on aspects of a shared community experience, especially humdrum stuff, and turn them around. Yogurt simulating semen falling on the boot was a particularly funny gag. I have zero problem with any of this.

    Notable that the XO is slight in build and has a pronounced sibilant “s” (hiss.) The guys on the couch say “fag” just as awkwardly as I said it when I was trying in vain to pull the closet door shut.

    Kudos to the XO for reaching out and trying to amuse his crew, even when it misfires. I have no trouble believing he could be quite capable. Will only have to remember to stock more lube aboard soon. Very soon.

  51. hector says

    i watched this video expecting to be offended and I couldn’t find the part. A dude calling his friend gay, so what? my friends call me gay all the time, it’s all in good fun.

    stop getting your panties in a jumble everyone, and pick your battles accordingly.

  52. says

    These people are paid with our tax dollars to do this sort of immature and idiotic crap?

    The “XO” needs to be dishonorably discharged (and forced to return his pay to the US Treasury) and anyone else involved seriously sanctioned.

  53. says

    For everyone that says I DON’T SEE ANYTHING NEGATIVE…remember, this has been edited, faces removed, language deleted…by the Virginian Pilot. Its one thing to watch this crap on Jackass…its a totally other thing to know our country is paying these men and women to PROTECT OUR COUNTRY and they are making silly ass videos that, according to the Virginian Pilot MAY BE OFFENSIVE to some people. My nephew just joined the Navy…maybe it was a big mistake!

  54. Karl says

    Can someone please post the uncensored video on YouTube ASAP?

    All the deletions etc. make it difficult if not impossible to figure out exactly what’s going on.


  55. says

    The most offensive thing about this video is its complete lack of humor and sophistication. I’m fine with ribald humor, as long as it’s clever or funny or both. This is just dumb and boring. At worse, the guy deserves a slap on the wrist.

  56. CoMo'mo says

    I see that this is featured on the Yahoo headlines site as a “lewd” video. So MANY folks need to lighten up a bit. Yes, I’m sure the unedited version is more intriguing. I’d like to think it might be more successful as a comic relief but doubt it.As I said before, this could be exploited as a post-DADT educational item, to get people talking.

  57. me says

    That is definitely Glenn Close at the end. WTF?

    Also this video mostly comes off as super-narcissistic. But of course also it’s homophobic/inappropriate to call someone a fag or say b/c they’re a gay boy they don’t know stuff etc.

  58. Major707 says

    A leader has to be a role model for all his troops, male/female, gay/straight, black/white, etc. An XO (of which I have been one and I served on carriers) is responsible for morale, good order and discipline for the command. Humor can be used for morale, but it is not appropriate humor when you belittle others and I think bathroom humor to be sophomoric and not up to the standards of professional officers.
    This officer has been entrusted with the lives of troops and taxpayers resources and this type of behavior calls into question his judgement.
    It is disappointing to see an officer of this caliber to have such a failure of judgement, but as the captain of the ship he is responsible for all that happens on his watch. If the ship is run aground by a junior office, then the Captain bears the responsibility. These men are held accountable due to their position and with that comes the consequences of his actions. The officers that have attained the command of an aircraft carrier are on track for flag. And as a flag officer he will be establishing the climate for the Navy for years to come and this type of behavior is not needed or welcomed.

  59. Rod says

    Reading these comments I’m shocked at how the gay community has become desynthesized to blatant bigotry!

    They are laughing at us not with us! and the gays out there who say its ok should be ashamed!

    Everyone just needs to grow up and get serious… Especially if your an XO in the middle of a war! Do your damn job!!!

  60. says

    Let’s compare and contrast. On board the U.S.S. Enterprise, 100% paid for by US Taxpayers, it’s just okay-dokey to make stupid, homophobic, and unless you’re trying to teach us how to belittle one-another, wholly lacking in merit. At the Smithsonian, only partially paid for by taxpayers, we can’t show 8 seconds of ants crawling on a crucifix without the Congress calling for a thorough investigation and cuts in funding. Double standard much?

    In the coming Congress, there will be calls for extreme budget-slashing and cutbacks. Let’s start with why an aircraft carrier needs professional video production capabilities.

  61. just a guy says

    So the old guy who moderates it is disgusting and a total degenerate slimeball. He deserves no respect or free passes.

    They call that a soldier? A captain? Some other title of person deserving respect?

    No wonder we basically lost in Iraq and aren’t doin so hot in Afghganistan right now!!!

  62. Todd says

    “Language masked” (except for “fag,” which is apparently not “the F-bomb”). This guy is a prime example of what’s wrong with “unit cohesion and morale,” if his videos of “humorous skits focusing the crew’s attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation, ship cleanliness, etc.” are to be taken as an example of morale-boosting.

  63. joe says

    The most offensive part of this is “We Built This City (on Rock and Roll)”. OK, so some semi-homophobes made a sophomoric video. It’s not the worst of times. Move on.

  64. RJ says

    I thought it was well made and hilarious. There are a lot of folks that must be easily offended based on the comments I just read. Loosen up. If we can’t laugh at ourselves and at the everyday mundane, then we’re all too uptight.

  65. billT says

    What an ego trip for the XO!! Imagine having to work for him. “Not fit to command,” should be the ruling.

  66. Will Jones says

    What a lame since of humor. I didn’t even slightly smurk and it wasn’t because i was offended. It was just really un-funny and stupid like today’s SNL.

  67. Yuck says

    It is offensive and highly unprofessional. The guy should be punished for being childish, homophobic, narcissistic, insensitive and conduct unbecoming an officer….and seriously humor challenged. This wouldn’t be funny even if it wasn’t offensive because it’s just so lame. This is not some 18 year old enlisted guy–actually, I have seen far more sophisticated and funny stuff from them–but a commanding officer. His head should roll. And I have a feeling that some of the new commenters on this thread who are all defending him, are him posting under different names or other Navy trolls. I hate that my tax dollars are going towards a military that is out of control- and this just makes it that much more infuriating.

  68. Jerry6 says

    When this movie was made it was the norm to ridicule Gays. A complaint then would not have gone anywhere. Today is a different story. George Washington owned slaves. What does that have to do with today’s President?
    The question is “Would the man do the same today?

  69. Bryan says

    Harmless nonsense of no import whatsoever. Only a culture hysterical over sexuality would consider this news.

    Are jokes about gender or orientation stereotypes always “sexist” or “anti-gay?” To what lengths will we as LGBTQ people go to declare ourselves victims of everyone and everything?

  70. sal says


  71. Luis says

    I thought this was totally funny, and obviously very homo erotic. I was not offended in the least. I’ll bet Capt. Honors is gay.

  72. Contrarian says

    If I needed confirmation that Generation alphabet types are shallow and poorly informed, I need only read some of your remarks. “Away at sea for Years”. Really? What do you think the modern US Navy is, Capt. Bligh and the Bounty with sails and wooden ships? They do tours and are regularly rotated and get port calls. Ah, but queens know all about clothes labels and the latest muscle enhancing drug. Ya know, the really important stuff. Current events or military stuff, forget about it!

  73. says

    tasteless ? Perhaps… yet boys will be boys. These folks are out to sea for months at a time. I really think this is being blown out of proportions .. They should be scolded at most… it’s just juvenile …

  74. Tony says

    I’m offended not as a gay man but as a film-goer. This atrociously scripted, totally unfunny and badly acted piece of drek makes ‘Dude, where’s my car’ seem Oscar-worthy.

  75. QC. says

    Stick to your day jobs and we’ll just imagine your hand jobs without the vids. Bloody gov servants.

  76. QueenZafrona says

    It does not matter whether what was said was offensive. What matters is that my tax dollars are being spent for something so ridiculous. Maybe that is why we have been in Afghanistan for 12 years now. Maybe that is why we haven’t “won the war”. Maybe xos want to be film stars and that they really don’t want to come home to their boring life.

  77. Rob says

    I found this amusing i didn’t take any offense to it it was humorous he was making fun of himself , shown before his Saturday night movie pick, not a big deal

  78. Rick says

    The fact that a lot of us don’t feel there is anything wrong with this video or it’s content does NOT make us “desensitized” gays as a few of you “sensitized”, “in touch with your feelings” and “in touch with reality” gay guys have alluded to on this blog. I disagree with those of you who are overreacting to something as juvenile and as petty as this silly video. There are men and women in the gay community who are more vile and disgusting toward each other than what’s being shown here. Yeah but he’s a leader, he should be setting a good example, his morals are all f**ked up and all this other sh*t you people are ranting about is silly. If a grown ass man or woman can’t for the life of themselves make a rash, sane and mature decision on how to treat others around them on their own, then they shouldn’t be serving in any capacity to protect us and our country. Period. To get all worked up over a video made 3-4 years ago is downright juvenile, petty and ridiculous. Unbelievable.

  79. brentinpdx says

    Really.. people are pissed about this? It’s humor, no worse than what you would see on You tube. And that they made it with government equipment….who effing cares. We should be caring about other more important things. This was lame… how can I get back the minutes this video took away from my life?

  80. KevMusic says

    With the exception of the “fag” comments, which I agree are not acceptable under any circumstance, this video is juvenile but hardly anti-gay. The XO was in bed with a man, and seemed more disturbed by the women showering together with a life-sized picture of him than by the guys soaping each other up. Give him a reprimand but dismissal? I say no.

  81. MrEguy says

    I just watched the whole video. Some of it is stupid and funny, some of it is shocking and vile. These aren’t college frat boys doing this–they’re career military officers. That’s quite disturbing.

  82. Gay Soldier says

    As a former Military Homo, with a Dad in the Navy, I think this: He probably shouldn’t have said “fag”, but I thought the rest was amusing, and not focused on gay soldiers as I thought it was how it was being described.

    He seems like a nice guy making goofey videos for bored sailors. I think this should have no major effect on his career, but a wee punishment perhaps. DADT is dead, lets just start to hammer out that marriage thing…

  83. Joe H says

    If you look at the big picture, I think the video becomes more disturbing. Given his position as commander of the battleship, and heightened sensitivities over women and gays in the military, Captain Honors needs to account for this.

    More bothersome are the apologists on this board who think it’s fine. Gay sex is used as a comedic vehicle or slur twenty times; the video encourages a climate of homophobia. For those of you who still think this is okay, check out the “It Gets Better” campaign on YouTube and brush up on why it isn’t.

    I don’t care that it’s crude and sophomoric, that they pretend to eat feces and make fun of their weiners. Nobody every accused the military of being the brightest bulbs on the tree, and these folks have a right to blow off steam. But someone with this much power and rank can’t just look into a taxpayer-funded camera and tell the 6,000 people under his command that if they’re easily offended, don’t watch.

    Captain Honors is guilty of failed leadership and reckless judgment, and how he is disciplined will send a message to gay men and lesbians entering the military post-DADT. If this video is any indication, they may be in for a rude awakening.

  84. Rick says

    Lighten up indeed. Everyone is so thin skined it makes me sick. If you are offended by this, I assume you are walking around with your feelings on your sleeve looking for a reason to complain.

    God, get over it already! And as far as his judgement, hell, do you know what kind of life our soldiers and sailors face? Let them have some fun.

  85. Eric Gonzalez says

    much ado about nothing here folks…move along now…
    Nothing to see here, just bored Navy boys having some fun…yes a bit sophomoric, but I would hardly call this Anti-Gay…
    down with the Super P.C. Gay Agenda and allow these Boys some brief levity…