1. says

    Sounds good but HUD needs to clean its own house. My neighbor has worked at HUD for some 28 years and is one of the few openly gay men there. He has NEVER been promoted even though he has outstanding performance ratings every year and has been selected as Federal Employee of the Year in each of the last three decades. HUD officials and managers are incredibly homophobic and in a recent poll taken by hundreds of thousands of Federal workers, HUD ranked last as a place to work. Federal Times, the Federal employee newspaper, actually advises their readership to avoid applying for or transferring to HUD. Sad, isn’t it? My neighbor has two more years and he can retire but he will be forced to find another job because his retirement is so low (due to lack of promotions) that he will actually qualify for Section 8, the only HUD program for low-income families. HUD is a joke.

  2. Shane says

    I confess I got hung up on the title of this particular posting. While I’d love to think we need to guarantee equal access “to” LGBT people, I think you actually meant equal access “for” LGBT people.