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IL Hate Group's MLK Day Message: Civil Rights are Not Gay Rights

The Illinois Family Institute, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and has ties to fellow hate groups the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund, issued a press release on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, denouncing LGBT rights.

Writes the IFI's lead hater Laurie Higgins: Higgins

For years, homosexual activists and their allies have manufactured and exploited an absurd and offensive analogy between homosexuality and race in order to advance their moral and political agenda. Homosexualists use the heroic battle to end racial discrimination as a Trojan Horse to eradicate moral judgments about homosexual conduct. All civilized persons -- particularly African-Americans -- should be outraged. Regarding this analogy, homosexualists have no ethical commitments to either logic or evidence, and they have no regard for the black family in America that already experiences tremendous struggles

Of course the group's vitriol is based on the lie that homosexuality is a choice:

Ifi If our elected leaders truly hold as ignorant an understanding of the nature of homosexuality as evidenced in these statements, then they don't deserve their positions. These statements reveal the utterly foolish, erroneous, and offensive idea that homosexuality is equivalent in nature to race. There is no evidence or justification to warrant such an analogy. 

Race or skin color is 100 percent heritable, absolutely immutable and carries no behavioral implications whatsoever. Homosexuality, on the other hand, is defined by desire and voluntary sexual acts that are open to moral assessment. There is no research proving that homosexuality is immutable or biologically determined. In addition, homosexuality carries inherent behavioral implications that all societies throughout history have deemed immoral.

Homosexual activists and their allies are advancing their subversive moral and political goals by hijacking the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy. They seek to intimidate philosophical conservatives into silence by associating them with racism and bigotry. Volitional homosexual acts are not equivalent to race. And morals beliefs regarding volitional homosexual conduct are not equivalent to racism. 

A hate group tell the truth? Hate groups can't deal with the truth.

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  1. "There is no research proving that homosexuality is immutable or biologically determined."

    Other than the word of every gay man alive, but then again gay people's opinions don't count...

    Posted by: protogenes | Jan 17, 2011 7:33:26 AM

  2. Even if sexuality were based on choice, shouldn't people have the right to choose how and whom they love? Isn't that one of the most basic of human rights?

    Posted by: jak | Jan 17, 2011 7:51:47 AM

  3. Fine, it's not racism. But it's still bigotry.

    Posted by: shane | Jan 17, 2011 7:53:29 AM

  4. It may not be racism, but like racism, it is all about civil rights. The bigots want people to be able to discriminate against gays with impunity, and want their rationalization that what they do is not just as evil as discriminating against Blacks. Guess what, Higgins? Your arguments supporting hate are lipstick on a pig.

    Posted by: candideinnc | Jan 17, 2011 8:03:08 AM

  5. Do these people ever quit? You American gays have a lot more patience then I would have. This relentless bullying is horrific.

    Posted by: Rowan | Jan 17, 2011 8:17:09 AM

  6. We aren't even people to Laurie Higgins.

    I wonder if she has ever been evaluated by a psychiatrist?

    Posted by: homer | Jan 17, 2011 8:22:39 AM

  7. I guess she doesn't know that MLK's best bud was a gay man and that Coretta supported our effort for equality under the law...

    Same ol', same old. My guess is that she'll take cash or check to support her continued efforts.

    Although, I do love this new, a la Sarah Palin, "I'm the real victim" approach. Conservatives are wronged b/c people object to their bigotry. laughable.

    Posted by: pete N sfo | Jan 17, 2011 8:31:16 AM

  8. Assuming Ms. It's-A-Choice is really hetero, I'd like to ask her: can you imagine deriving pleasure from kissing another woman? How about having sex with another woman? No? Well then how could you think gay people are biologically straight and merely choosing to engage in homosexual acts?

    I mean, the only logical condition for sexuality being a choice would be if same-gender sexual acts were inherently pleasurable to everyone. But these hetero moralists would be the first to tell you that the thought of having sex with someone of the same gender turns them off.

    Posted by: sparks | Jan 17, 2011 8:45:09 AM

  9. IFI's lead hater Laurie Higgins is an affront to immutable straight white females everywhere. Her vitriolic statements against "homosexualists" are a huge failing on this day that we recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his magnificent civil rights leadership. The only leadership Ms. Higgins exhibits is that of an outrageously offensive ignorant Christianist bigot. Shes knows nothing scientific about homosexuality and can prove nothing about it since her science comes from Biblical texts that are thousands of years old (and out of date). Anyone who believes her illogical hate speech is guilty of simplistic stupidity.

    Posted by: Rob | Jan 17, 2011 9:00:38 AM

  10. "There is no research proving that homosexuality is immutable or biologically determined."

    Yeah, except for this gosh darn pesky research:
    1.Brain scan research that proves that straight/gay brains are not the same. (People do not choose to alter their brain chemistry)
    2. Identical-twin studies that prove that 50% of the time when one child is gay, the other will be gay. (5% is the norm. This proves that being gay is innate.)
    3. In utero research that proves that the more males a woman gives birth to, the more likely they'll be gay. (Again, proving that sexual orientation is innate.)

    Where is her scientific proof that sexual orientation is a choice?

    Posted by: David in Houston | Jan 17, 2011 9:31:58 AM

  11. I love it when white, heterosexual, christians talk about civil rights...

    Posted by: Morgan | Jan 17, 2011 10:34:32 AM

  12. "...The Illinois Family Institute, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center..."

    The most ironic thing about the Southern Poverty Law Center, ESPECIALLY on Martin Luther King Day, is that NOT ONE of its top ten, highest paid executives is a minority.

    In fact, according to the SPLC’s hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King’s home church, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power.

    Some “experts”

    Posted by: Richard Keefe | Jan 17, 2011 11:31:18 AM

  13. @Richard, we don't need the SPLC to designate the Illinois Family Institute a hate group; it's right there in their own words. No special expertise is required to decode the lies within their hate speech.

    Their spokeswoman is using MLK Day to divide civil rights into worthy and unworthy, cheaply and obviously employing race as a wedge, the true irony being that her right-wing, socially conservative ilk was the group most resistant to racially equality and most opposed to the idea of a MLK Day.

    This isn't about the SPLC; this is about anti-gay-family lies spread by a so-called family group. Stick to the subject.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jan 17, 2011 11:56:54 AM

  14. Someone should post how various people say gay rights ARE human rights and civil rights. Why are we listening to these folks' craziness?? Meanwhile, the late Coretta Scott King supported equality of gay people...

    Posted by: X | Jan 17, 2011 12:32:22 PM

  15. I was at Atlanta Pride in 2006 when Coretta was the keynote speaker - and her statement that "if Martin were alive today, then he would be fighting for Gay rights" brought the crowd to their feet.
    Truer words were never spoken.

    Posted by: Merlindbear | Jan 17, 2011 12:38:04 PM

  16. Once again, they miss the point. It isn't so much that gays are like balck people, it's that homophobic bigots like them are just like the racists of old.

    Btw, "no research"? "All societies throughout history" Are they liars or just complete idiots?

    Posted by: Matt S | Jan 17, 2011 12:39:54 PM

  17. Spot on, Matt S., the issue is not so much conflating homophobia with racism; aside from the obvious parallels, anyone can see there are distinctions. However, the seed of hatred toward the "other" blossoms into the full-blown bigotry of both racists and anti-gay "homophobialits", and how strange it is that so many "family values" blowhards fall into both categories.

    Posted by: So Left I'm Right | Jan 17, 2011 12:58:12 PM

  18. @Ernie, I'm in full agreement. Let the IFI's hate-filled rhetoric speak for itself.

    My only point is don't use the SPLC's meaningless designation as evidence.

    The SPLC is a private fund-raising organization with nearly $190 million donor-dollars in cash on hand.

    It has no mandate or authority, legal or moral, to designate anyone as anything.

    The SPLC has no more authority to designate "hate groups" than does the SPCA.

    It's all about the money.

    Posted by: Richard Keefe | Jan 17, 2011 1:40:45 PM

  19. I'm certain her parents and their lilly white church were soldiers in the historic battle for racial equality fighting against it all the way. This fear and loathing of anyone "other" is past from generation to generation.

    Posted by: plaintom | Jan 17, 2011 2:14:47 PM

  20. Clearly, Richard, you have a beef with the SPLC. That's fine, though their work is incidental to this post.

    I have no problem with them rightly designating a hate group a hate group, and, whatever their flaws as an organization, they are not working to discriminate against gay people; they are not targeting our families. Many of the groups they are speaking out against are.

    So, I'd say that most gay people have a greater beef with so-called "family" groups who cynically use race to disguise their bigotry and deny our place in civil rights history. As others have pointed out, when we have MLK's widow on our side, and Mildred Loving on our side, both recognizing how all civil rights are human rights, then these groups have little credibility with or without the SPLC's authority.

    (Your point might have more authority here if it didn't entirely ignore the main point of the post--anti-gay bigotry.)

    Posted by: Ernie | Jan 17, 2011 3:06:17 PM

  21. There is no research proving that RELIGION is immutable or biologically determined. In addition, RELIGION carries inherent behavioral implications that all societies throughout history have (sometimes) deemed ILLEGAL.

    No equal rights for gays = no equal rights for people of different faiths.

    Including yours, you IFI sanctimonious cow.

    Posted by: jexer | Jan 17, 2011 3:17:33 PM

  22. "Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to Justice EVERYWHERE!" - quote of Martin Luther King, Jr. - 1963

    Posted by: james Brown | Jan 17, 2011 4:43:46 PM

  23. When did they get the right to tell Me that being gay is a choice? They never got a peek into my head. They've never known how I feel. They haven't been where I've been. It's their Bible v. my hard-earned life experience. They have their "Word Of God" and I have the lessons I've had to learn by struggling w/my sexuality. Even if I could change, I wouldn't, because I had to FIGHT just to accept being gay in the first place. So they can fight for what's theirs because I've already fought for what's mine and WON, and I had to PRAY to win it. As in pray to God, on my knees, because denial almost killed me. I AM NEVER GOING BACK.

    Posted by: ophu | Jan 17, 2011 5:51:54 PM

  24. Did these people miss the point - that human rights don't have "except" in the description?

    Willfully ignorant. There's no other explanation for this hateful behavior.

    Posted by: Steve | Jan 17, 2011 6:30:20 PM

  25. Their website's feedback page is down - keep trying to send them messages, though:

    www dot illinoisfamily dot org/contact

    Posted by: Steve | Jan 17, 2011 6:36:53 PM

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