Is Your Own Orgasm Making You Sick?

Perhaps you have POIS:

Oface "Some poor men are apparently allergic to their own semen, developing a mysterious flu-like illness after they have an ejaculation, Dutch researchers reported Monday. The condition, known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome or POIS, has been documented since 2002. Symptoms include feverishness, runny nose, extreme fatigue and burning eyes, which can last for up to a week. Some physicians had suggested that the disorder was psychosomatic, but Marcel Waldinger, a professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and his colleagues demonstrated in two papers in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that the syndrome was allergic in nature and that it might be possible to desensitize men to the problem."

According to the researchers, "Waldinger and his colleagues studied 45 men with POIS. Thirty-three of the men agreed to undergo a standard skin-prick allergy test using a diluted form of their own semen; 29 of those 33, or 88%, showed a positive allergic reaction, indicating an autoimmune response."


  1. Steverino says

    “Symptoms…can last for up to a week.”

    Uh, so they have these allergies all the time then? Or is it just when they taste their own sperm? Confusing.

    Also, is that guy cumming or about to sneeze? or both?

  2. alexInBoston says

    just another reason for the Right Wing to grab a hold of this research and say “See they are such vile perverts that Nature is responding to their wickedness by making them Sick from their ejaculate”!! For Chrissake wait til Porno Pete and FRC and AFA and every friggin batshit crazed lunatic starts with the above!!!! Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy!!!

  3. DH says

    I wonder how many of the men in the study were queer vs. how many were straight.

    I wouldn’t doubt if it was psychosomatic. A lot of straight men have a morbid fear or hatred of penises and cum, as if contacting them might make them gay.

    They describe their genitals as “junk,” have a double standard regarding male nudity vs. female nudity, and they write in to Dan Savage worried that masturbation, eating their own cum, or butt-play will make them gay…

  4. says

    uhm yeah


    I would be curious about the upbringing of these supposed allergic people

    did they come from religious homes? I had sex once with a guy who jumped up after the orgasms and showered while singing religious praise songs, then out of the shower got on the floor on hands and knees curled up praying = CRAZY

    there are some seriously crazy repressed people out there and would not be surprised at all for some do develop a psychosomatic condition about sex

  5. says


    Yeah BS on this

    psychosomatic cause there is no way someone develops an allergy / immune response to themselves and lives past the age of 1 day

    either seriously compromised immune systems after being exposed to some other chemical agent or HIV MAYBE!

    otherwise no way. One could have an allergic reaction to someone else’s sperm = foreign proteins but definetly not to oneself

  6. TANK says

    “I had sex once with a guy who jumped up after the orgasms and showered while singing religious praise songs, then out of the shower got on the floor on hands and knees curled up praying = CRAZY”

    FTW! ROTFLMAO! Just be thankful that there weren’t any corkscrews around…

    Yeah, most people’s orgasms make me sick.

  7. Bryan says

    My orgasms have made me feel ill for several years, but only because my subculture has convinced me – despite my best efforts to resist – that being over 50 means I’m physically repulsive, that my sexuality is disgusting, and that any desire I feel makes me a “dirty old man.”

    I suppose I could spend all day at the gym fighting the inevitable and all my disposable income having surgery, but I’ve found more dignity in becoming asexual. Funny, to have spent one’s life routing the poison the macroculture put in my head, only to finally give in to self loathing based on how my own community regards me. Oh well – can’t win ’em all.

  8. lewlew says

    I knew a woman who was allergic to her fiance’s spunk. She was treated with NAET — which worked. They got married and were successful breeders. 😉

  9. Robert says

    I don’t get sick after an orgasm, but I think I’d show up as being “allergic” to semen. If I get ANY jizz on my face after sex and don’t wash it off within 20 minutes, I have a zit within 36 hours in that exact spot. Annoying as hell! Has anyone else noticed that?

  10. Ted C. says

    @mxtrozfckslv: You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s completely possible to be allergic to substances produced by your own body. It’s called autoimmunity, and it’s quite common. Look it up.

    I suffer from three different autoimmune disorders, so shut up.

  11. John B says

    Auto-immune systems are just that. When they don’t work, it means just that: the system is compromised. Why not semen? The report is about all men. There are also issues surrounding the air you breathe, the water you drink, and all food substances. Seems people are over-inundated with such news. We live toxically why should our “junk” be pure? After all, we remove as many toxins as we can through the penis. It is just one more sign that we live in the age of discomfort and trouble.

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