1. ichabod says

    If he had said African Americans were sexual predators he would’ve found his sorry tail out of a job in seconds flat. Rightfully so, of course, but my point is that there’s still a double standard and this tool, once again, was let off the hook.

  2. chuck says

    This man is the sexual predator. He steals into the hearts and sexual fantasies of gay youth and tells them that they are bad and nasty and not deserving of love. He steals their innocence by feeding his own perverted sexual self-righteousness upon their normal sexuality by telling them it is they that are the predator not he. He is the worst kind of pervert. The kind that causes young innocent children to hate themselves. The kind that turns other children against them often with very tragic results.

  3. justiceontherocks says

    This resolution is all well and good, but how about some action with substance? How about some legislation to prevent (or penalize) discrimination.

  4. Brian says

    As someone who is from Charlotte and has family in Charlotte, I can tell you that no one supports this whacko.

    He also seems to forget that the Mecklenburg County Commissioners office has absolutely no power or influence in matters of the Military.

    I think they are afraid to censure him because of fear of stepping on his First Amendment rights, and the lawsuit that would undoubtedly follow.

  5. Sean says

    Chuck, I agree with everything you said except your first sentence. He is not a sexual predator, he is a murderer. He and people like him have the blood of every gay suicide that happens in this country on their hands.

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