1. ophu says

    The exclamation points are really not needed, but even less needed are the stereotypically catty responses. Twenty years are a long time to be out, and now he’s more “out” than most of us.

  2. EO says

    Yes there are many exclamation points! But think about this! Like wouldn’t it be so much more annoying? If he phrased everything like a question? Like one of those girls you see at the mall? Or in the record store buying a Lady Caca CD? Or at the Orange Julius in the food court? Ending every sentence with a question mark? Like this? I’m glad he is open and honest? Cuz like that’s totally awesome yknow?

  3. TampaZeke says

    Learn the proper use of exclamation marks! Otherwise they lose all meaning! Then you just look like you’re being an ass!

    And NEWSFLASH! YOU chose to be a public figure and a celebrity. By definition that means that you give away some of your privacy and in return are well compensated. National Enquirer, People, US, etc. didn’t come into being because of celebrities’ right to privacy.

  4. Not Into You says

    Ricky Martin and the “Just Jack” queen from Will &Grace should take note. Announcing the obvious makes you look stupid and clueless. And it doesn’t help sell bad albums or Broadway tickets.
    Thanks Jonathan, I finally have a favorite NKOTB!

  5. says

    Maybe he should work on having the first and last “classic” NKOTB albums reissued so the fat Simpsons Comic Book Guy’s around the country will stop trying to sell them for hundreds of dollars and HE can keep the money?

  6. NaughtyLola says

    Weird, this has been common knowledge in Boston for at least a decade, maybe more. Or at least, among the Boston folk who remembered who NKOTB was. Nobody cared then, nobody cares now.

  7. I'M SO EXCITED!!! says

    The $39.95 is to cover the costs of punctuation. Without exclamation points it only costs $3.95!

    By the end of the quote I was exhausted! Worn out! But happy and aroused, too!!!!!

    They are infectious and well worth the extra cost!

  8. brian says

    Jonathan Knight might be out now but, when he was having hits with NKOTB, he was part of the heterosexual image designed by the record company. This is what record companies do – they have board meetings where things like image are discussed. In almost all discussions, it is insisted upon that male singers must promote themselves as strictly heterosexual.

    It is well known at board level that such hetero-normative rules are placed upon these male recording acts before they are even signed to a contract.

  9. Paul R says

    I assumed he was out when I read the thing Tiffany said. I doubt she’d out him. I also remember hearing about this over the years.

    If you don’t know who he is, good for you. I’ve never heard a song by his band, but they received an oversaturation of media coverage in their “prime” (mid-80s to early 90s). It was impossible to avoid mentions of them, despite one’s best efforts…!!

  10. ratbastard says

    Like another poster said, it’s been common knowledge in Boston for a long, long time.

    Charging 40 bucks to view a blog says a whole lot thought. What do these one-time celebs do with the millions they made?

  11. patrick nyc says

    Never a fan of Boy Bands but it was hard to miss them in the 80-90’s if you turned on the TV or went out to gay bars. I do remember seeing Knight on TV a few years ago talking about his anxiety attacks, one of the reasons he gave as for leaving the band.

    I’m sure the pressure from the label and management added to his problems, so I say give the guy slack, he seems to be trying to being honest about it now, explanation points and all.

  12. RJ says

    Come on, guys… the $40 is for fan club membership, something which lots of bands and artists charge for as well, so that’s nothing particularly unusual. There are plenty of free New Kids fan forums around too.

    As for Jonathan’s official statement, I suspect he made it because he wasn’t too happy with the abuse Tiffany was getting from fans for supposedly outing him on that Bravo interview with Andy Cohen.

  13. John says

    Exclamation points? This is the burning issue of the day? How does a celebrity “win” on this blog? It seems he is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. People: get lives.

  14. Ivan says

    Punctuation? You’re criticizing this guy because of punctuation? He was once famous and now just lives his life – no media, no reality shows, just being who he is. I say good for him.

  15. NKOTBFAN says

    Being a NKOTB who is a member of their fan club, just want to say that the fee for the fan club isn’t just for reading the NK’s blogs, but its to access the forum, have special contests for club members, as well as have access to presale tickets for concerts, before they go on sale to the general public. Like someone had already posted, many bands/groups have the same thing, so its nothing really ‘new’

  16. says

    I’m glad! He came out! Publicly! And I get! What he’s saying! About having to come out over and over again! Like almost every time we meet someone! But! Really! Way too many exclamation points!

  17. chris says

    As usual a bunch of judgemental fags…….Nothing new here carry on hypocrites. Good for you Jonathan at least if you read here you’ll see you have NO ALLIES!!!

  18. the K says

    Out of all the things for people to take from this article, you pick the use of punctuation?? No wonder people hide in the closet! If you pick on something as miniscule as a freakin’ exclamation point, you’d probably be the ones beating the poor person to within inches of his/her life. Get a clue.

    Jonathan, you just be you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <—take that!

  19. Rann says

    Not really a fan of the group at the time but I always thought he was the hottest one and always has a feeling he might be gay. I am glad he is and I am glad he seems to be happy. As for those of you picking on every little thing he said or does, leave him alone already! I say bravo to him for coming out officially and being so easy going about it. I like that and agree you don’t have to go on a magazine cover.

  20. thad says

    I was a teenager in the late80s I agree w/brian. on hetro image. it would have been nice to know there other gay teens. back in the those days everyone asumed that gay guys wore high heels and carried purses. I couldn’t even let friend know that i watched NKOTB videos on MTV. How far we have come in a little over 20yr.

  21. willie t boned says

    Yeah Johnny boy – you are the worst kind of gay man – out in the clubs and bedrooms and social circle, but in the closet to the public.

    You did nothing to advance gay visibility and right when you have the chance – until now forced to.


  22. Joey Y says

    @Brian, I doubt that he’s losing a wink of sleep over it, as he is in peaceful repose on a mountain of money. And so what about how the band was packaged? It’s no different than a detergent claiming to be the end-all-be-all.

  23. RJ says

    @WILLIE T BONED … You have no clue what you’re talking about. Jonathan Knight has been out for years to the part of the public that mattered most, as far as the scope of his social influence is concerned, namely, the longstanding fans of the New Kids on the Block. Many of them have even met his boyfriend. He also regularly encourages his 80,000 Twitter followers to support marriage equality and the Trevor Project.

  24. Artor says

    I used to be a fan and I always thought that Jordan was the gay one because he’s always on GWiP. I guess it’s cool for him, exclamation points and all. Unless he was having a hissy fit.

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