1. bobcat says

    finally an ad that attempts to really show these groups for what they are.I am tired of always having to take the high road and look like upstanding citizens. We are upstanding citizens and if we believe it we shouldn’t have to convince others. It’s time to play for real.


  2. says

    well, he is better than the goproud guy


    “…Republican House Majority leader D. J. Bettencourt said that the Marriage issue would have to wait until 2012″


    pull it out for election time the Repub standard play book = god gays & guns to drive neanderthals to the polls

  3. MiddleoftheRoader says

    One thing about the Karger ad that everyone needs to realize, and why Karger is a “genius” in one sense: Stations that air ads by political candidates are not permitted to edit those ads in any way. This means that once a broadcaster or cable operator agrees to sell time to a candidate, it has NO CONTROL over the content of the candidate’s ad. And that is why Karger can trash NOM, and no one can stop him from doing it! Even if you don’t like Karger — and many of us don’t — it’s a brilliant strategy to get the anti-NOM message DIRECTLY AND WITHOUT CENSORSHIP to all TV/cable viewers! Other gay (and pro-gay) candidates should use this same strategy (as some have done in the past, without much public attention to their clever approach).

  4. sarah says

    I am just slightly disappointed that we have to sink to the level of NOM with commercials in this style.

    I just don’t think fear tactics work for our side. I really don’t.

  5. Matthew says

    As much as people don’t like Fred Karger and Meghan McCain, I think they’re good for the political landscape of the nation. I believe they give more moderate Republicans something to latch onto and will hopefully shift the party as whole further from the right, however slightly.

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