1. Mike says

    Keith clearly said that he was told that it would be his last broadcast. Also, TMZ is reporting that their sources are saying that he was fired, and that it was because of Comcast.

    Doing this on a Friday afternoon just after the Comcast purchase was approved, Rachel is out of town, and springing this on Keith at the last moment clearly feels like a firing.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Really a slap in the face considering he was their highest rated program and spearheaded MSNBCs left leaning anti-FOX style. He’s not hurting for money, but I hope he lands somewhere else and makes MSNBC feel sorry.

  3. Logan says

    Keith Olbermann was MSNBC, Shedding light on all the lies bigotry and manipulation of politicians. Their wouldn’t be a Rachel Maddow if it wasn’t for Keith Olbermann who mentored her and O’donnell. Obviously the merger had something to do with this, me thinks the new execs of nbc are right wing nutcases. Well Keith is huge advocate for gay rights and gay equality. He’ll be missed. Thank you keith for giving me life and for all your special comments.

    Oprah please get Keith to bring life to your OWN NETWORK,CNN, somebody please god bring Keith Olbermann back on tv immediately. I already miss him. I heart Olbermann.

  4. ratbastard says

    ‘MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.’

    Whoever the b*tch(s)are who came up with this bureaucratic para-phrase ‘…we wish him well in his future endeavors’ should be assassinated. If you’re going to fire someone, even Olbermann who I never watched, at least do it with A LITTLE class and dignity.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Well that didn’t take long. Can it really be just coincidence that he departed the same week NBC Universal’s merger with Comcast was approved by the Feds? Seems the new bosses wanted to get Keith off the air ASAP. So much for a serious counterbalance to Faux News’ evening line-up of Repuggie haters and liars. And, this move from the same cable channel that continues with its Repuggie-lite “Morning Joe” AM show — one I can barely stomach with its right-wing leanings. I can guess Keith’s departure finalizes my need to no longer watch MSNBC. I hope he lands another TV gig soon so his fans can again enjoy his skewering of all the right wingnuttery in this country. Long live Keith Olbermann.

  6. ratbastard says

    And Comcast suks ass big time. I’m even less likely than before to watch MSNBC knowing their Comcast connect.

  7. Jason (the commenter) says

    He either quit or he was fired, and he said he was “told” this would be his last show, so it sounds like he was fired.

  8. GW says

    Kinda creepy that I have to use Comcaat in order to get any TV in my area…as they are a Monopoly! Still can’t believe they were allowed to buy NBC… something is very wrong here!!

  9. Tom N albuquerque says

    Keith will be sorely missed. I highly respect him for his no nonsense approach to he issues of the day. He was and is a strong advocate for gay rights and I hope as this door is closed another door is opened for him.

  10. patrick nyc says

    While at times Olberman can be hyperbolic he is usually on target. He will no doubt land on his feet an in a much better deal. He gave us a great voice in gay rights and also Rachael.

  11. Quentin says

    Keith was a true patriot for the progressive movement. He spoke the truth. He supported gay and equality rights. The gay community could have not had a better “straight” support than Keith.
    He is missed already.

  12. says

    comcast is ultra repub conservative so…………………….

    i expect Rachel to “leave” as well

  13. homoDM says

    Many people will argue that Mr. Olbermann was no less of a blowhard than Limbaugh or O’Reilly, but at least the man was coherent. I will always have respect for his impassioned special comment following the pass of Prop 8. I only hope Kabletown won’t muzzle Maddow next.

  14. LincolnLounger says

    After his firing, all of Olbermann’s viewers gathered in a phone booth to make plans to express their outrage.

    The WOOOOOORST PERSON IN THE WOOORLD got fired. Good riddance.

  15. Bob R says

    There are trolls and others with limited intellectual capacity that try to strike a false equivalency between Olbermann and Limbaugh, Beck and the warped cadre of right wing loons that currently infest our airwaves. What they ignore, however, is Olbermann provided facts to support his assertions and when he did make an error in fact or judgment, he issued an admission of error and apology as soon as possible. Limbaugh and the other poison toads who shill for the right NEVER would do that. When caught, they play the roll of victim, and a populace less and less capable of critical thinking and discerning fact from fantasy believe them.

    Olbermann spoke truth to power. He was an eloquent and intellectual spokesman for the progressive movement. I think he was fired as a result of the Comcast/NBC merger. I predicted that should the merger be approved, Olbermann would be gone and Schultz will be the next to follow. Comcast/NBC will keep Olbermann off the airwaves (at least TV) for a year, maybe two. In the media business, that’s a lifetime. I hope, however, he finds another outlet and isn’t silenced.

    Part of the long term and so far very successful plan of the right wing corporatocracy is to control the message. With the consolidation of media, broadcast, print and eventually the internet, in the hands of a few of America’s corporations the circle will be complete. At the risk of someone screaming “Godwin’s Law”, let me just point out the right has learned very well the lessons taught by the Nazi’s in the area of propaganda and acquiring power.

  16. justme says

    To say that Olbermann was not the superior to O’Reilly, for instance, because our corporate masters have been very successful in taking over the country’s airwaves with their propaganda, which resulted in his ratings being lower than those of shows on Fox, is to either deliberately miss the point, to be an utter lunatic, a complete moron, or all three.

    That everyone in the country wasn’t watching Olbermann isn’t proof that Olbermann wasn’t the best voice on television. In this day and age, it’s actually proof that he was. Of course Comcast got rid of him and my very first thought after hearing about it was “Rachel’s next”.

  17. steve says

    A gracious good-bye. The real story will come out ultimately. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet. Smart, articulate guy.

  18. Vince says

    With the firing of Keith Olbermann MSNBC has lost its class, its intelligence and its courage. To say nothing of his sense of humor. He took the pomposity out of the lunatic right. But apparently that didn’t fly with Comcast. I now have no excuse to watch MSNBC. So I won’t!

  19. says

    I have a feeling Comcast had a role in this. I’m saddened Keith has moved on, but as one commenter said over at HuffPo, “Where Keith goeth, I goeth”.

  20. says

    First came the SCOTUS “Citizens United” decision making corporations = persons.

    Now further media consolidation with Comcast taking over NBC.

    Network neutrality will be totally abandoned next (bye, bye

    The Corporate Dictatorship of the USA nears completion.


    Oops! Ignore that last comment, my fellow queens. I hit the wrong keys on my computer… must be a hangover. So what else is new? I actually love Keith Olbermann… yeah, he’s a brilliant guy, and he’s a great TV personality, but damn… I’d hit that till the cows came home!

  22. Andalusian Dog says

    So now what? MSNBC is going to bring more balance to news by getting rid of their lefties and becoming another right-wing outlet to compete with FOX?

    Seriously, this bodes very ill for journalism in this country. The right will have digital media, the left will be stuck far behind with a portion of the print press…

  23. Jim in St Louis says

    Keith will be just fine. Sanctimonious posturing and whiny pseudo-intellect always finds a market, just look here at all the buyers of that load of horse crap.

  24. TANK says

    Keith was a GOD. Well, a demigod. This has all of the plot themes of a greek tragedy, except maybe incest, self mutilation and murder…maybe. Only important people like keith are worth talking about, though…and Aristotle would agree…when bad things happen to them…it matters. Never before in the history of entertainment news has a man so captivated himself and a few others, except for the entire lineup of fox news (even cavuto waxes the carrot to pictures of himself). Keith did far more than prove that time slot is everything, he taught a generation of others who believe that their life has significance beyond their consumer spending habits that reductive political rhetoric that even small children can wrap their undeveloped minds around doesn’t just have to be a right wing phenomenon (though it still is, basically). And for that, we should all be grateful. A hero for our time…and what time is that? Time to flush.

    But he ended with one of my favorite authors…one of the most beloved american authors of all time (right up there with twain, actually)…and it didn’t cheapen him at all…because he’s untouchable.

  25. mld says

    i have to say, sure its a shame the way television is less and less progressive, but really its still something of a swan song.

    newspapers became a bastion of the right before they popped. newspapers and tv news are going the way of the dinosaur.

    tv news has become about personalities, entertainment, or money. i like reporting, and reading actual news. so even though its sad to see a lefty go, we don’t need pundits as a solution. there is a reason air america failed. the right responds to amped up emotional news dictation; the left responds to critical analysis, reporting, and non-sound-bite capable information delivery.

    i wish there were political debate roundtable shows like in europe. talking heads are so last millenium.

  26. FunMe says

    So MSNBC “thinks” their ratings will go up now that they fired Keith. Wow, talk about stupidity. But then what do you expect, with the right-ring new owners being CONcast.

  27. anon says

    No, it looks like Comcast thinks its costs will go down.

    I always felt he got one point for being sharp and minus two points for being goofy. His attempts at being the John Stewart of MSNBC were not a good idea.

  28. Rocco says

    He was fun and I will miss him…no one is like Keith! What’s the fuss? We still have the rest of the (left wing) media? Right?

  29. Randy says

    Well, there goes that network. Rachel is great, but I’m not going to subscribe just for one person.

  30. says

    I love Kieth O.’s show and it greatly saddens me to see him go. I am sure MSNBc’s ratings will suffer over the loss. I certainly hope they do and “wish them the very worst in all of their future endeavors.”
    If it had to do with the Comcast MSNBC merger it is a bad omen in what to expect in the future at least at a national level.I never watch NBC other than Ed, Kieth, and Rachel,because it has lost any sense of neutrality as our world is increasingly controlled and manipulated by the right. The recent Supreme Court rulings affirm the might financially means right and Right regardless of any consideration of fairness to the middle class consumer.