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    @Gridlock reminds us that when it comes to bullying some people both gay and straight just don’t get it. Given all the recent media attention about tone of discourse, we should all stop and think before running out mouths off without adding anything meaningful to the discussion.

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    I sometimes wonder if bullying is why we have so many wicked rude people in the GLBT community. Let’s not judge others (at least negatively) for their appearance. Sheesh.

    He sounds like a very well-adjusted, nice guy who’ll get out there and make something of himself and isn’t afraid of who he is in life. We need more people like that, gay and otherwise.

  3. Rowan says

    Re Gridlock, I don’t know why you think gays aren’t bullies!!! Geez, go to some gay bar and all the queens are out their to stab you if you don’t fit into thei ideal of fake beauty.

    People are people. Expect som support in the gay community but don’t be surprised when you face many people like Grid.

  4. Fred says

    Ace, clearly you are smart enough to just ignore people like Gridlock.
    Secondly – Congratulations! The thought of you being out since 13 (or did you say 15?) and then loosing parents and grandparents – wow. You must have amazing inner strength and self confidence.

  5. jon cortez says

    Gridlock sadly reminds me that while I faced bullying in my school years, it didn’t stop when I found the gay community. We continue to face catty comments from our own gay brothers in places like West Hollywood, where, if you aren’t 21 and perfect looking according to some twink standard, you are made to feel like no one will ever want you. Thank you, gridlock, for reminding us as far as critical comments and judgements go, we might all want to consider what we say and how it sounds before it comes out of our mouths.

  6. Lazlo says

    What a brave kid, with a nice hair style ;). Just a side note though and not to nit pick, but I don’t think he’s Deaf. As an ASL student who knows a ton of Deaf people he seems hearing. I think he is in the process of losing his hearing as he gets older and will eventually become deaf.

  7. neppy503 says

    This video was particularlly moving from Ace working through all the advercities, and surviving. He would make a great poster boy for “It Gets Better”.

  8. walter says

    @gridlock your tolerance is amazing and your compassion right on the level with most homophobes.
    Ace keep on being the person you are and end up being the best you can be good luck

  9. Paul R says

    Ace, I like your hair. You’re adorable.

    I never would have guessed you’re deaf (and I can’t believe people bullied you for it; some people are truly ignorant). I met many gay students from Gallaudet University and their speech made it clear that they were deaf (not to slight them; I understand it’s incredibly challenging to learn to speak if you can’t hear).

  10. CoMo'mo says

    Ace is a beautiful young man, physically and in terms of his self-assurance, obvious compassion, internal strength and willingness to talk about himself so un-selfconsciously.
    He’s somebody who should be featured on the “It Gets Better” vids instead of all the celebrity whores, billionaires and others who can say the words without having any clear idea about what young queers of all kinds face on the “front lines” of life. I’d feel honored to count Ace among my younger friends.

  11. CoMo'mo says

    My only complaint is that there don’t seem to be any closed captions for this, which makes it impossible to share with a deaf gay friend who might not be able to lip-read it. Let me know if there’s a subtitled version, please.

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    @COMO’MO, all the Video Stories on are transcribed and have subtitles and transcripts; sometimes it takes a day or two to happen, but this one will have them, too. Check back tomorrow or Saturday. You’re right; this one especially should have them so thanks for mentioning it.

    Be sure to send your deaf gay friend this Video Story of a man who tells his story through ASL:

  13. Brooks says

    This man has such a good heart and mind, and such a sweet soul. I wonder if he knows that he’s tougher than most of the people he’ll meet in his lifetime?

    I’m so touched by this interview. Wishing him the best.

  14. atheist says

    what a smart and strong kid. He’ll go far. Amazing that some ppl are more struck by someone’s hair than their words, strength and inteliigence.

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