1. Ken says

    I wonder how long it will be until the mass deaths start for humans.

    Then, maybe it will get the attention it deserves… if it occurs in a developed country.

  2. Gregoire says

    I love that religious people immediately assume its the Rapture but would never consider it to be an ecological or natural disaster.

  3. says

    Almost as disturbing is the picture of the polar ice caps in the northern hemisphere. Jesus.

    But, yeah.. the mass-animal deaths… clearly there’s something going on here in the US if that’s what it looks like on the map. I find it hard to believe that’s just a coincidence.

  4. ratbastard says

    Perhaps this has more to do with 24/7 news cycles and information over-load. Also, it’s possible these incidents are just being more widely reported in the U.S. compared to Europe and elsewhere.

    I really don’t personally know much about birds, but fish die-offs have always been quite common and there are numerous normal, natural reasons for them.

  5. Dan4444 says

    I think we’re being a little unreasonable. These just could be just natural phenomena that happen often in history. The only difference is that now we have google maps, internet news and hysteria to make it seem more stark. Until we start seeing a link between the deaths of “several manatees” and “hundreds of blackbirds” we should probably suspend judgment, or risk sounding like the rapture-watchers.

  6. Joel Payne says

    Does anyone think it might be the chemicals that were used to contain the Gulf Oil spill?

  7. Beef and Fur says

    So what scripture are they quoting that qualifies this as a sign of the end times? I don’t recall off hand anything about mass animal deaths in Revelations.

  8. MrRoboto says

    Isn’t 2012 supposed to be the end of the world, or something? Somebody pulled the cork a little too fast, I guess.

  9. says

    Wackos of every kind will make more of this than it deserves. First, large animal die outs take place regularly. But the media caught on to it and the paranoid Left and paranoid Right jump on it. The birds in MO were killed by hail, the fish die out on the EAst coast was due to unusually cold water, another recent die out was traced to a disease.

    It is like how statistics show that there will be cancer clusters in small areas, and other areas have few, but they average out. But the loons focus on the areas where they exist and posit wacko theories as to why.