Model Confesses To Killing Gay Activist

More gruesome details have emerged from the murder of gay rights activist Carlos Castro. His alleged killer, a Portugese model, is being held without bail.

6a00d8341c730253ef0147e16e782c970b "The medical examiner's office said the cause of death was trauma to the head and strangulation. Prosecutors charged Renato Seabra, 21, with one count of murder in the second degree."

"Seabra admitted to stabbing Castro with a corkscrew and cutting off his testicles, according to a criminal complaint unsealed on Friday just before the first court hearing in the case. Castro's face had shoe impressions and bruising, the complaint said."

"Seabra was being held in Bellevue Hospital Center — local media said he had slashed his wrists — and was shown Friday's hearing through video conference. He wore a green hospital smock while a Portuguese interpreter translated the proceedings."


  1. fullfrontal says

    Just one correction: Carlos Castro was not a gay rights activist. He was a gossip columnist who happened to be one of the only out gay personalities in Portugal.

    This tragic event is an absolte backlash for the huge gay community in Portugal who gained their marriage rights last year.

    It is unfortunately providing a forum for anti-gay haters to spew about the “degenerate queen” abusing of “the innocent, naive little boy”. Some of them are even accusing the deceased of pedophilia even though more and more news items in the local press are suggesting that Carlos and Renato were an item for sevaral months travelling the world, always staying in the same room together.

  2. Doris Dey says


    So what’s your point? Other than the usual gay apologist BS where no one takes responsibility for their hedonistic ways?


  3. Ryan says

    Hey Christopher, Ben’s RIGHT:

    Seabra who claims that he is straight said that he had sever the 65-years-old man’s genitals in order to cure him of his homosexuality.

    Seabra, who was recently one of three finalists on the television competition ‘Face Model of the Year’, is described by friends and relatives as a shy and religious person, who had remained unaffected by the trappings of fame and fashion. His mother, who flew out to the USA to be with her son this week, described him as a “golden son.”

  4. encantospeed says

    @fullfontal. I have been wondering the same thing… He was never a gay rights activist. Let’s not use the term activist lightly or we will strip it of the meaning (like using the word terrorism for everything). You can just call him a Portuguese out gay celebrity… That would be more accurate! And yes, the coverage in the portuguese media is just insane… People are even forming human chains around churches for the alleged killer… It is sad, truly sad!

  5. Lexxvs says

    No matter how often these horrible crimes happen. Some old gay folks don’t wanna learn that hooking up with younger, and most of the time sexually not assumed guys can not end well. No need to say that it is when money is the strongest linking bond.
    I can imagine some old chickenhawks arguing in their delusional minds that their case is different, somehow.

  6. shannon says

    1. Being a chickehwak and trying to screw these young drug addicted/boozer/unstable dudes is DANGEROUS!
    2. This young guy is a BARBARIC DEMON!!!!!!!! ~PLEASE~ do not come here saying he is hot and cute cause he is not!
    3. People…STOP thinking with your dicks all the time and use ration!

  7. wimsy says

    If an old woman romances a young guy, she’s a cougar and everybody smiles. If an old guy does the same thing, the self-loathing assholes on this site attack and vilify him.

  8. walter t boned says

    interesting – the comments left here yesterday are gone, as are the responses to how vile they were … now more vile comments

    Andy – maybe your murder posts might be a good place to TURN OFF comments (even though you make money from them).

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