Peruvian Catholic Bishop Wants to Stop Hearing About ‘Faggots’

Peruvian Catholic Bishop Luis Bambaren has apologized for remarks he made when asked about a civil unions proposal in that nation.

Bambaren Said Bambaren: "Why is there so much talk about gay, gay, gay? … Faggots – that's how it's said, right?"

Civil unions for gays and lesbians are being discussed in Peru after a candidate for VP there said he would support such a measure, the Herald Sun reports:

"Bambaren's claim to call gay people faggots is totally inacceptable and constitutes an incitement to hatred," group head Christian Olivera said in a statement.

"In a country where we should all see ourselves as equals, Bambaren is encouraging violence by using a term that represents what is disgusting and perverse. Despising a community is not an example of what one supposes are Christian values."

Bambaren later (sort of) apologized: "I ask for an apology for everyone who felt offended. It is an offensive word, and (homosexuals) deserve respect."


  1. Thom says

    i’m curious what term for (homosexual) he used in his apology. since it was parenthesized, i presume the editors swapped something out.

  2. Syrax says

    No, he probably didn’t say anything. That’s why it’s parenthesized.

    In the video ( he says the same marriage from God, one man one woman thing. And then goes on to say they should think of the children, that the parish had space for 800 orphans and now due to a law they only can have 200. And that political candidates should be more concerned about opening the doors so that the children have a roof over their heads… Ironic, to say the least.

  3. Francis says

    Non-apology apology, typical of anti-gay folk. And anyway, lets get real. Anti-gay religious folks do not like us, so his apology is meaningless. These people essentially see us as sub-human. As we have been gaining more rights and recognition, you are seeing anti-gays become more emboldened in their hatred, and that will continue. People like this do mostly good for us, because they are written off as extremists by sane individuals.

  4. Danny says

    @Thom: the word me probably used was “maricon.” Similar in ugliness, similar in impact.

    So–yet another Roman catholic bishop who is a bastard.

  5. Rob says

    I want to stop hearing about catholic priests molesting children. But that doesn’t seem to stop them.

  6. jamal49 says

    Considering that Archbishop Bambaren is a notorious closet case, I think his statements reek of some very obnoxious hypocrisy. Two Peruvian friends of mine call him “Bambi Bambaren”.

  7. shannon says

    So lets use a SLUR against HIM and HIS people and see how he likes that!! But of course…he would fall out crying if we called him a slur!

  8. patrick nyc says

    I know how he feels, overtime I hear ‘Catholic bishops, Catholic priests, Catholic Church. Pedophiles, child molesters, hypocrites. That’s how it’s said, right?

  9. Dback says

    Right on, Patrick. That’s where my head went. (“Why is there so much talk about Catholic priests, priests, priests? Child-fuckers–that’s how it’s said, right?”)