Scott Lively Reacts To Murder Of Ugandan LGBT Activist

Evangelical wing-nut Scott Lively, who has in the past marched in anti-gay demonstrations in Uganda, is now reacting to David Kato's tragic murder earlier this week. As you know, Kato's name and face appeared on the front page of the tabloid Rolling Stone's infamous "hang them" issue and Kato himself said that this had made him begin to fear for his life. despite all this, Lively would like everyone to belive that Kato may have been killed by a lover:

Lively"Instead, Lively suggested Kato may have been killed by someone with whom he had been romantically involved, despite the fact that no one familiar with the case has suggested Kato was killed by a gay person, let alone someone with whom he had had a sexual relationship. There remains a 'possibility' Kato was "killed by a 'gay' lover,' Lively wrote, and likened Kato's death to that of Carlos Castro, a Portuguese journalist who was allegedly beaten to death and castrated by a male model in New York City earlier this month. The link between Kato and Castro — besides the fact that they were both openly gay men who had been brutally murdered — is unclear. But Lively has linked homosexuality to violence in the past. In his book Pink Swastika, Lively blames Nazi violence on homosexuality."

Sounds like Lively has decided to take the same position as pastor Don Schmierer who, on the day after Kato's murder, said he did not believe his anti-gay teachings in Uganda contributed to a hateful enviornment that led to the activist's death.


  1. Jedi says,

    You made a “Hub” dedicated to David Kato? (

    Bless you, Towleroad, you’ve redeemed yourself.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Isn’t it interesting that Lively, Schmierer et al preach American-style homophobia to the Ugandans imploring them to believe their preaching and then, when someone is murdered by “their Ugandan believers”, these hatemongers protest they had nothing to do with it. Well, sorry, fellows, but the blood of David Kato is all over your murdering hands. Unfortunately, his tragic death may be just the beginning for gay Ugandans targeted by your deadly hate speech. God indeed will be your final judge no doubt sending your souls to eternal damnation. RIH – rest in Hell, murderers.

  3. pete N sfo says

    Thanks for that theory, Lively… ‘cuz gay people are emotionally unbalanced, right?

    Not like you, dedicating yourself to an imaginary magic man, who- if he did exist, would likely want nothing to do with you.

    Has anyone seen a word of this in National Media? Too busy reporting on the latest Palin antics to take notice, I suppose.

    The media issue; link Evangelicals to hate & risk alienating your audience… don’t hold your breath.

  4. rayrayj says

    Can somebody please make this waste of air and space go away. Oh, and I’m not calling for his murder.

  5. walter says

    this man’s hate speech had nothing to do with the killing . it was a jealous boyfriend. is this man that dumb or just drugged up. is he afraid of being made a partner in this crime.
    if his god condones killing then maybe scott should be next. wtf why are all these good christians involved with the political process
    in africa? religion kills always has and unfortunately always will. it seems to me all these good christians spend a lot of time preaching hate.

  6. says

    Just as there is a “possibility” that Lively is:

    A) a practicing sodomite

    B) a spousal abuser

    C) criminally insane

    D) a human doughnut (head so far up his ass he never sees the light of day)

  7. fern says

    People like Scott Lively should stop misrepresenting their hate as Christian since there is nothing in Christ’s teachings about homosexuality at all.

  8. says

    Classic: blame the victim for his own death, take no responsibility for your own words and actions.

    The one thing for sure is that David’s death was nothing like that of the Portuguese TV star’s–only a homophobe as crazy as Lively would make such a comparison.

    How exactly David was killed in no way alters the fact that Lively (and the other evangelical flamethrowers) were directly involved in actions that led to Ugandan gay people being targeted for death and to legislation that would make homosexuality punishable by death. No circumstances can clean his bloodied hands; his damage is done.

  9. ophu says

    In every human being lives a murderer who can act without provocation or warning. Those who do not know this are most to be feared.

  10. woodroad34d says

    These guys remind me of the Family Circus cartoons where one of the kids breaks something and when asked who did it, they all say “not me”…and there’s a little ghost standing by them with “not me” written on it. The parents know otherwise. Lively knows he did wrong, but he’s hoping his all-knowing, omnipotent God is stupid enough to believe him… Someone’s definitely going to hell when he’s not so lively (well his soul’s dead already)

  11. Greg Broderick says

    Mr. Lively should talk with Lady Macbeth – the blood doesn’t wash off that easily.

  12. plaintom says

    They assume when they preach that their words will convert others or they wouldn’t spend time preaching.I am certain somewhere in his fund raising propaganda, Lively has bragged about his success. Whan one of his converts carries his sick teaching to it’s logical conclusion suddenly He claims to have had no part in the action. Hitler never personally killed a single Jew but any reasonable person would call him one of history’s worst killers. This man may not have personally committed murder but he definitely promoted the intent.

  13. GaryJ says

    This freak is a pathetic excuse of a human being.

    He will never see Heaven, he has the blood of innocent people on his hands.

    So it’s safe to say, rot in Hell Scott Lively!

  14. Danny says

    Another scumbag passing himself off as a *christian* preacher.

    Maybe I could get into that racket: the bar seems to be very, very low.

  15. CKNJ says

    These so-called ‘Christians’ Lively and Schmierer should be charged with incitement to murder, because they are as guilty as the soulless waste of human flesh that actually committed the murder. It’s time that the world got to see what disgusting hate- and violence-mongers these men are!

  16. Jerry6 says

    All the “GOD” preachers know there is no such thing as the GOD of the “Bible”. If there was one, and they believed it, do you really think that they would say, and do, the things they preach about?

    Also, if any entity truly had all of the attributes described in the “Bibles” of the world, that “GOD” would not need preachers to tell us what he wanted us to do, but would simply make his “Word” an intrinsic part of our brains from birth. After all, the animals of the world seem to get along very nicely by themselves. It is only when humans involve themselves in the lives of animals that they get screwed up, too.

  17. Robert says

    When listening to Scott Lively and his ilk one need only remember that in their world their words have no consequence, but Miley Cyrus can destroy a generation with one evil lyric in one hit song.

  18. Who cares says

    I have an idea! Why don’t we constantly obsess over gay bashers, constantly gossip like fags about those mean old fundamentalists, why don’t we make sure we blast every word these bigots say everywhere and then wonder in 20 years why queer youth are still killing themselves and we’re still not equal? If you queers spent half as much time FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS instead of whining about who doesn’t like you this week, you might get somewhere instead of having half a billion blogs devoted to “gay crap.”