Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #821

TIM PAWLENTY: His Jerry Bruckheimer movie book. Writes Jim Geraghty: "If we have to send somebody up in a space shuttle to blow up an asteroid on course to destroy the earth, I say we send former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty."

LOU ENGLE: Pray for the "ex-gay" conversion of Ellen DeGeneres.


SO MANY MONKEYS: It's feedin' time.

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  1. Bart says

    The Tim Pawlenty ad…what can you say? Seriously, what can you say? I laughed outloud by the time the music ended.

    And to Lou Engle…you’re right, the Lord is absolutely clear on homosexuality. Jesus Christ said nothing, nada, zilch about homosexuality, and last time I checked for Christians, he was the Lord. But he said plenty of preachers and religious idols making money in the name of His father. Pray for Lou because his salvation is seriously in question.

  2. gr8guyca says

    Re: Tim Pawlenty trailer

    Sort of a re-edited version of the MSNBC Lean Forward ad:

    And a reminder of “The Parallax View” test for homicidal assassins: