Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #816

TURKEYS: They love chasing laser dots, especially to exciting music.

GLBT HISTORY: Gay Family Values pays a visit to the history museum which just opened in SF's Castro.

SKINS VS SKINS: John McEnroe, Henri Leconte, and fellow Frenchmen Michael Llodra have a strip tease in Adelaide, Australia.

CHEYENNE JACKSON: Trailer for upcoming film The Green.

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  1. says

    RE the video of the Castro/GLBT history exhibit: the speaker obviously means well, and I’m sure he’s a great guy, husband, dad, but his own apparent ignorance about San Francisco gay history is profound.

    Gay veterans didn’t settle in Eureka Valley after WWII any more than any other part of The City. There would have been nothing special to attract them to the neighborhood then. The first gay bar didn’t open until the late 60s. Those who wanted to be close to other gays settled near gay/gay-friendly bars such as the Silver Rail, the Old Crow, Mona’s, the Black Cat, and Finocchio’s legendary female impersonation club in the Tenderloin or North Beach, and later “Polkstrasse” which was the first to be known as THE “gay neighborhood.”

    Worst of all is his assertion that San Francisco had no real political activism before Harvey Milk. That would be news to the still-living Jose Sarria who ran for Supervisor as an out gay man in 1961, the first to run for any public office in the nation, and 12 years before Harvey did—and when he did it was only because he was pissed off at having to pre-pay a business tax on his camera store and NOT gay-related per se.

    SF had its own chapter of the Mattachine Society in the 50s, and the country’s first lesbian organization, the Daughters of Bilitis was started here in 1955. There were even protests against the ban on gays in the military in SF as early as 1966. The Tavern Guild [1962] and the Society for Individual Rights [SIR; 1964] had already begun to influence local elections before anyone here ever heard of Harvey. Dianne Feinstein credited her 1969 win to the Board of Supervisors to SIR and the gay vote. In 1971, the gay vote helped elect Sheriff Richard Hongisto. Milk didn’t permanently move to SF until 1972, but, again, wasn’t yet politically active. That year, in addition to the city passing a gay rights ordinance, the Alice B. Toklas Club [formerly SIR] provided Presidential candidate George McGovern one-third of the signatures needed to get him on the CA primary ballot. Thus, that year, SIR co-founder Jim Foster became the first out gay man to address a Democratic National Convention.

    None of this takes away from what Milk did accomplish, but the video, I’m sure unintentionally, both misrepresents and disrespects those who came before.

  2. says

    Yeah, I love that tennis video. The young guy is Ryan Harrison, and he will be a huge tennis star in a year or two….ok, maybe three or more.

    Have lots of pics and video of him and Llodra on, I like to call it a fansite with homosexual tendencies. Enjoy!

  3. DLA says

    John McEnroe has a nice, toned body for a man of any age let alone one in his fifties. Also, the movie trailer for “The Green” looks like it’s going to be a great movie.

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