Ugandan Lesbian Scheduled for Deportation from UK at 9:20 pm


UPDATE: Brenda Namigadde wins temporary reprieve.

I've mentioned Brenda Namigadde and the petition calling on the UK to stop her deportation to Uganda a couple times over the past few days. It was delivered with more than 40,000 signatures to UK Home Secretary Theresa May today. You can still sign it.

Melanie Nathan at Lez Get Real has the latest:

Today is Brenda Namigadde’s removal day. She is booked for Entebbe, Uganda via Nairobi, Kenya at 21.20 hrs on Flight VS671 (Virgin) and then KQ412 (Kenya Airways). The UK Border Agency should respond today to the fresh claim for asylum put in by her solicitor on Monday. This may happen at the last moment   But, the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, does have the power to stop the removal.

Brenda is the lesbian who has been denied asylum in the UK, having been put into a fast track system and hastily disposed of. It was sheer luck that she did not make last Friday’s removal flight, as her name was muddled with someone else. It was then that LezGetReal heard about her case and together with Paul Canning of LGBT Asylum News set in motion an extraordinary set of events and activism that has now placed Brenda Namigadde’s face on the front cover the UK and Global Press – today, the  very morning of her rescheduled removal.

The petition is here if you have not signed it.

More on Brenda's story at The Guardian and the BBC.

Apparently UK Home Secretary May's office is being deluged.

The situation for gays and lesbians in Ugandan, as you know, is very dangerous, and the situation for Brenda particularly grave as David Bahati, author of the "kill the gays" bill, has taken a special interest in her case.

Brenda fears for her life.


  1. BobN says

    “Should we not call the UK embassy in Washington?”

    To demand that their government do something ours wouldn’t even consider?

  2. Steve says

    It’s very clear that GLBT people should now request political asylum (in the UK) because of the murders of gay people in Uganda.

  3. John Normile says

    I called the embassy and they said there is nothing they can do…since they’re in the USA……

  4. acqua says

    call me heartless, but i don’t think that this woman should get special treatment just because activists are able to get her media attention. the refugee immigration process in every country is necessary to control the flow of immigration. because of the nature of refugee status, each and every story is generally a sad one. in most democracies there is a fair process in which a claim is heard and in which claimants have rights to appeal, etc. if at the end of the road, the result is still no, we should respect that process. why should this woman because she’s able to garner media attention, get special accommodation, as opposed to another refugee without the media attention.

  5. Mike R says

    @ACQUA – She should get special attention because her country MURDERS PEOPLE WHO ARE GAY. That’s what a request for asylum does – protects people from governments who do not protect them and in this instance, condone the murder of the person. Yes, it is heartless for you to come to the conclusion that the case of Brenda Namigadde should not receive special attention. I’m frankly a little shocked at your reply.

  6. says

    author of kill the gays bill in Uganda “….Says: Brenda should be returned to Uganda, “so that she can repent, and be reformed.”

    If there was ever a real case for political asylum this is it

    But alas expect Princeling Mubareck Jr to receive political asylum in the Uk from democratic egyptian protestors as vs this lesbian who most likely will end up dead if she returns to uganda

  7. says



    that is how the system works

    rich son of the puppet gov of egypt that is backed by USA and UK millitary $ + does a ton of USA and UK biz deals gets easy asylum without 1 threat to his life/ he could just buy a caribian island with all the egytpian people’s money his family has snatched

    poor lesbian = bye bye hope you die quickly in your home country and they only try a few times to rape the gay out of you

  8. TampaZeke says

    Good frickin luck! Theresa May is a rabid, foaming at the mouth homophobe of the Sally Kern variety; only with a position of real power to do real damage to gay people and their families. She’s a part of the Tory’s new branding. A kinder, gentler homophobe.

  9. Brian says

    While this is a tragic and sad story, at some point, the West must stop being the dumping ground for all the world’s problems. Other countries need to take some responsibility and get their societies out of the stone age. Countries like the UK, USA, France and others have huge problems of their own right now, and bearing the financial burden that comes with mass immigration is no longer an option for some nations.

  10. Steven says

    Brenda Namigadde is neither a “problem” nor garbage being “dumped.” She is a human being with rights, including the right to claim asylum and a very deserving of it. Uganda was a former British colony (only gaining independence in 1962), is also a member of the Commonwealth, and the UK has special obligations and responsibilities to it. History matters.

  11. ratbastard says


    The U.S. is overflowing with ‘Refugees’, millions of legal, and millions of illegal immigrants. And they all get access to a boatload of very expensive social services

  12. NaughtyLola says

    Miss Namigadde has been granted a reprieve:

    I just read a high-level summary, and the UK ruled that she didn’t have a valid claim to asylum because they say she isn’t actually lesbian. What is the evidence, I wonder, that prompted them to make that ruling?

  13. says

    thanx Naughtylola for the info + link

    “…granted an injunction by a High Court judge temporarily preventing her deportation….”

    Great news, but it isn’t over yet

  14. NaughtyLola says

    I’m still really curious to know why they ruled as they did. They’re *not* denying her asylum because she’s lesbian, which is how its being played in the press. They denied her asylum because they say her claim is fraudulent.

  15. Atheist says

    More and more people coming to the UK are claiming asylum from the middle east and uganda on the basis that they are homosexual/lesbian because of the death penalty; its an *easy* one to claim in a time when there is no war or other basis on which to claim it. Unfortunately, some of these claims are bogus; people are abusing the system which makes it even harder for the genuine cases.

  16. says

    “call me heartless, but i don’t think that this woman should get special treatment just because activists are able to get her media attention.”

    She is an activist herself and has been outspoken about the terrible plight of gay people in Uganda. If activists are given “special treatment” it is because they are at special danger–look at the number of activists worldwide who are punished for speaking out for basic human rights. The risks they take deserve consideration.

    Clearly, she still has to go through a process–no one is giving her a free ride–but given the situation for gay people (and even people who are perceived as gay or have spoken out on gay people’s behalf) in Uganda, it seems obvious that her case merits close consideration given the planned timing of her deportation.

    And, BTW, the West was once the “dumping ground” for most of us.