Victory Fund Introduces Endorsement Seal

On its 20th anniversary, the Victory Fund, which works to elect LGBT leaders, is introducing an "endorsement seal":

Seal “Victory Fund-endorsed candidates aren’t just openly LGBT, they’re out to win.  Earning Victory’s endorsement means a candidate has passed a rigorous vetting process, that they’re planning a serious campaign and that they’ve demonstrated a real path to electoral success,” said Chuck Wolfe, the group’s president and CEO.

Victory Fund candidates will be able to use the seal to communicate to potential donors that their campaign has been vetted by the group’s political team and the Victory Campaign Board, a national committee of more than 100 community leaders from across America who work to grow the number of LGBT elected officials at all levels of government.  VCB members approve all candidate endorsements.


  1. david in iowa says

    Yeah for the Victory Fund. And glad they have a strong vetting process to get their seal of approval. NOW, National Organization for Women has had a very strict endorsement process for years. NOW was the first or one of the very first national groups to make the support of gay marrige, not just civil unions a bell weather issue for the NOW PAC endorsement.

    That strong line in the political sand drew a lot of scowls and WTF’s from many liberal groups. Today and over 8 years later supporting gay marriage is on the fast track and as VP Joe Biden stated “it is inevitable”.

    I’m glad the Victory Fund but give those who came first the credit due.

  2. says

    I’m glad to see this as I’ve applied for endorsement from the Victory Fund in my campaign for a seat on the County Council of Luzene County PA. It’s going to be a tough race and I’ll need all the support I can get!

  3. Erkki says

    And like the HRC logo, it doesn’t actually say “LGBT” or anything queer. Why should I vote for a candidate who is afraid to explicitly say they support LGBT causes and community?

  4. says

    I honestly think it’s a lousy organization — it’ll need serious leadership change before I’d ever support it. They don’t care about policy, they only care about orientation, which is missing the forest for the trees. Let’s not forget that they endorsed *against* the greatest civil rights champion our side has in government today — Governor Deval Patrick — because the Republican’s Lt. Governor on the ticket was gay, even though the Republican nomination for Governor himself was being horrifically bigoted toward members of our community during the campaign. When that kind of stuff goes on, *no one* in the community should donate or otherwise aid an organization like Victory Fund. As far as I’m concerned, they’re worse than HRC.

  5. says

    Ryan: The Victory Fund’s goal isn’t to replicate what other organizations do, but to compliment that work with an entirely unique mission–electing openly LGBT people to public office so that our community has authentic voices in government.

    We do not endorse “against” anybody. We endorse viable, qualified openly LGBT candidates regardless of party affiliation.

    You may not care that the LGBT community is vastly underrepresented in government, but that’s shortsighted. Where out officials do serve, you are far more likely to see pro-equality laws and policies take root. We are proud of those results and the hard work it took to achieve them.

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