1. Truthfulliar says

    Wow, she’s so brave and inspirational. But not just for LGBT youth, but hopefully for everyone. I look up to her.

  2. Robert says

    Wonderful! I wish that it wasn’t cut off so early–would be great to hear the audience’s reaction more.

  3. FunMe says

    It DOES get better … now!

    Wow, simply WOW. The beautiful young woman has many years of happiness because she is now true to herself.

  4. Scott says

    Yes yes, she was brave and all that but… was I the only one that thought she was going to try and sell me her audio book about living up to your full potential or something?

  5. Emma says

    Scott, yeah I kind of agree. Very brave girl but something about her speech was a little bit off. I don’t know. Don’t tear me to pieces but it felt a little formulaic and preachy.

  6. robertmalcolm says

    Great things she said, but it felt like an actress doing a monologue. It just didn’t feel as heartfelt as I expected. That said, it may well have been heartfelt but as a few others noted it just felt a bit off.

  7. walter says

    does everyone realize how hard this was for her to? she put herself directly in front and said what had to be said reguardless of consequences. that is more than be be said for many big brave politicians tv personalities and hollywood types who hide in the closet. to all of them take alesson from this young lady and jelpmake life better for everyone

  8. says

    Powerful and articulate. Of course, she pre-wrote and rehearsed it, giving it a bit of a “performance” quality; that’s probably the “off-” ness some are hearing. A High School Senior; she got it all said and said damn well. The kid has a future, and sounds as though she’s prepared for it….

  9. corruptleadingtheblind says

    MLK…a man known for his eloquent speeches and his delivery, of those speeches…that’s the spirit in which she delivered her eloquent speech!!

    There was nothing “off,” about it!

  10. Bill says

    What a gutsy young lady! We all know how difficult it is to come out to our family and friends, so to stand in front of her peers at a high school assembly is a breathtakingly courageous act. How truly lucky that school is to have such a powerful role model. Is this an example of what “Gay Pride” means?

  11. tim says

    Man, this was like something out of a cheesy preachy TV show. The “offness” that you’re sensing is a lack of authenticity.

  12. Jeremiah says

    It was authentic and sincere. She prepared as one would for a public speaking course or a debate team, much better than getting up there and blubbering. Good for her, she told her story and made her points.

  13. Danielle says

    You go girl. I agree that it was spoken formally, but that’s what happens when you prepare a SPEECH.

    As a high schooler coming out AND giving a motivational speech? I salute you. You have a future in public speaking, and the courage to do well in anything you choose.

  14. emma says

    I have a feeling we haven’t heard or seen the last of this brave and beautiful young woman.