1. walter says

    why do these asswipes always say something and the next day apologize. they are never sorry for what they say only that someone caught them saying it. he said it he believes it. so to the people of alabama you voted for it you got it live with it.

  2. Gigi says

    “I am sorry (that I got caught saying what I did).” We all know that he believes what he said because he’s Christian and this is what their mandate is. If you’re not a Christian you’re not going to Heaven and thus, you’re going to Hell. I don’t actually believe in Hell, or Heaven, or even the Bible…but they do. The closer we get to 2012 the crazier the crazies are getting!

  3. says

    Another CLASSIC fake apology using the stock phrases “seemed to disenfranchise” and “never my intention” and “If I did make anyone . . . feel . . . blahblahblah . . . let me say I am sorry.” You aren’t sorry, idiot, you’re another cowardly cliché who won’t stand behind your own words.

    (Where’s Ted to defend the bigot?)

  4. says

    I do not forgive him for his remarks. period. I’ve heard this kind of crap since I was a kid and I am certain behind not-so-closed doors there is a lot of winking and nodding concerning his remarks.

    What if the same gesture was remarked concerning race? Would a simple apology be acceptable?

  5. Dear_Comrade says

    Did you know that the word “Bible” is the oldest acronym in the world? it stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”. Their all a bunch of gullible idiots!

  6. arch says

    I was brought up as a christian – as I expect in the broadest sense of the term were many who read this blog – I simply do not recognise the “christianity” that these “born again” types believe in.

    I do not beleive nor have I attended church for a long time (bar weddings…)but I do recall christianity being a relativly straightforward faith based upon love for one’s fellow man.

    Quite where these people get their fire and brimstone “faith” from is of interest since it sems to have more to do with excluding their fellow men rather than reaching out to them.

    This man’s faith s certainly not any branch of chrisitian belief that I know of.

    Whatever happened to all the nice christians I used to know as a child who had good manners, sang tuneful hymns and often carried out good works in their local communities for years without any fuss or thanks ?

    Maybe I’m just an old conservative but I liked old style christians not this nasty new breed.

  7. plaintom says

    A certified member of the American Christian Taliban. A bigot(no doubt) but also an idiot (he revealed the true face of the religious right publically). “Bob we know your right but you can’t say that outloud, them pinko yankees will put it in the paper”

  8. TANK says

    But the real question is whether or not he likes cake. Because if he doesn’t like cake…irredeemable disgrace. bullshit heaped upon bullshit…so deep and thick from a lifetime of it that nothing he says for the rest of his life will displace it. Ah, alabama…where the men are all alcoholics, the women all have black eyes, the kinds are all overweight and nobody has the proper number of chromosomes.

  9. Danny says

    You didn’t “disenfranchise” anyone. If you were not an idiot you would realize the term refers to the right to vote.

    You didn’t take anything away from anybody, you boorish lout; but you did make yourself look exactly like what you are: an ignorant ass.

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